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Salgados lagoon is very dry 22nd June 2017

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As you know, we have had no rain here now for several weeks. As a result, everywhere is dry and mostly brown. Water levels in the bird sanctuary at Salgados are very low. I took these pictures during the afternoon of Thurday 22nd June. Took the bike, got a flat tyre on the way back which pleased me not!

I don’t know whether the breach in the sand is intentional or just the action of the sea. It might have been necessary to drain stagnant water from the lagoon. Certainly, about half of it was almost dry, with the birds and some big fish concentrated down at the other end.

This one is looking towards the Salgados golf course




Albufeira beach 15th June 2017

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It was quite misty yesterday afternoon so several pictures aren’t worth seeing.

Here are a few. The beach was quite busy, it being a public holiday in Portugal. Air temperature was 28ºC.


Albufeira beach Saturday 10th June

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It’s not particularly busy at the moment as the school holidays for those in UK, Ireland etc have yet to begin. There were plenty out and about to enjoy a pleasant sunny afternoon on the sands. Temperature was about 28ºC (82ºF).


Hot and sunny here in Albufeira

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We are enjoying a spell of very warm weather with daytime temperatures up to 30ºC (86ºF) which is way above the average for this time of year. Work to do today but tomororw I am taking a day out to Portimão and up into hills and the popular tourist venue of Monchique. I haven’t been there for years. There will be some pictures on Tuesday.


Albufeira wildlife

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Some of the tribe of cats that live up by the viewing platform over the Peneco beach. They were brought some food, which excited a few of them, but some were not too bothered!


Albufeira beach 24th May 2017

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Hot and sunny day for late May, 26ºc but started to get a little cloudy around 430pm, which is when these pictures were taken on the main beach in town.


Remainder at


Galé beach, Albufeira

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Somer of you will know this area, which is about 3 miles to the west of Albufeira old town. I was going around the area, collecting information to update my area map (which shall be done over the weekend) and took some time out by the beach at Galé.

It was a sunny day, but quite windy. It was fairly busy for late May, temperature was around 24ºC when these pictures were taken at lunchtime.