Stormy weather

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The weather has turned. We have had several spells of very stormy weather over the past few days, including several hours of thunder, lightning and heavy rain lasty night.

Some minor flooding was reported from the centre of the old town where rainwater overwhelms the drains aand races down the steep hills.


Last summer day?

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Yesterday, Thursday 20th October, was perhaps the last sunny day we shall see for a while. There has been but one rainy day for the past five weeks and little or nothing for a long while before that. Yesterday it was 22C down on the beach, with half term holidaymakeRs and locals enjoying the sunshine. These three pictures were taken at around 1715hrs.

Today has been mostly dull and cloudy. Rain is expected from later today and until Tuesday and could be heavy, even thundery, at times.


Still sunny here in Albufeira

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Two pictures taken at lunchtime on Sunday 16th October. Temperature 22C.




Bowls in the Algarve

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Some photos and two short video clips from our recent game against a touring side from England.

I was called into the B team at short notice for Saturday’s game. The less said about my peformance and the overall result the better!


Visit to Faro, 5th October 2016

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Last Wednesday, 5th October, was a public holiday here in Portugal – Republic Day. Republic Day commemorates the proclamation of the first Republic in 1910, following the removal of the last king, Dom Manuel II as a result of the coup d´etat and Republican revolution. He is sometimes referred to as ‘Manuel the Unfortunate’.

He spent the remainder of his life in exile in Twickenham, near London. He was buried in Lisbon.

Anyway, history lesson over! I was off to Faro to watch the Culatrense vs Imortal (Albufeira) match, Algarve League Division One.

The pictures in the album below include an unexpected couple of shots of the train of empty aviation fuel containers that runs from Loulé back to the refineries at Sines. I didn’t expect to see it, being a public holiday. The loaded trains come down to Loulé as required. The fuel containers are taken by truck to Faro airport. Empties come back the same way.

There are a few shots of Faro marina and the city streets plus some of the game, which finished 0-0 and was pretty poor. It was a hot day, 28C in the afternoon.


Arco da Vila

The Arco da Vila, an entrance to the oldest part of the city of Faro.



Good weather continues in Albufeira

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We are still enjoying hot and sunny days, temperatures of 25 and 26C which is well above the average for the time of year.

This is a picture of the main beach taken at 12 noon on Saturday 8th October.


I have a few pictures from a visit to Faro last week which I will go through and post tomorrow, Monday.


Singapore high-rise cat rescue

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Silly pussy! How did it get there in the first place?

From the BBC News website (no sound)