A walk along the beach

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It was a nice sunny day here yesterday, if a bit windy, 25C in the shade. I took a walk from Albufeira’s town beach along teh cliff path to Praia da Oura. Some more pictures here. The winter duvet is now in its cupboard for the next 6 months. Summer is here.

beach Albufeira main beach 30th April 2015


Some nice colours

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I walked from P├íteo yesterday afternoon over to the cinema to see Russell Crowe’s latest and took some pictures along the way.

I am not a flower person as they give me hay fever, but the colours are very nice at this time of year. You gardening types probably see them as weeds though!


Not a good week!

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Last Friday I had my annual anti hay fever injection, having been suffering since my return from England a few days previously.

That always makes me feel less than wonderful for a day or two. But despite that, plus pills and potions, I have still been sneezing my way through the days.

On Tuesday I dropped a glass pan lid on the floor, fragments everywhere. It was tempered glass but those little cubes can get in your feet. Took ages to clean up.

Then I was really wrapped up in a job to proof read a large document for my UK based football colleagues.

Yesterday was the first sunny day for a while, so I decided to walk the 45 minutes or so through the back lanes to our local cinema. I didn’t take my camera. I should have done, as the recent damp weather has brought out all the wildflowers and weeds as well as the pollen. There are some really good colours, so perhaps I shall do that over the weekend, but rain is forecast!

The film I saw was Liam Neeson’s latest, Run All Night. It’s not too bad a film overall. But how does he manage to spend most of it getting into fights, leaping out of burning buildings, crashing cars etc etc and still manage to have his rather old fashioned revolver in his jacket pocket with a large supply of ammunition?

I forgot to mention the rats! We have rats in our building. They are in the ventilation shaft that runs the height of the small building. My neighbours and I can hear them scratching away at night when it’s quiet. In the last three weeks, we have twice reported this to the building managers who said they would get the local council’s pest controllers but so far nothing has happened.

Our building is cut into the side of a small hill and under the concrete platform is a void. Somehow the creatures have found their way, we suspect from the drains, into that void and are using it as a vertical escape tunnel. But it’s blocked at the top except for ducts connected to gas boilers etc, so they must be trying to find another way out.

Rats have very sharp teeth. I have read that they can eat their way though concrete. Let’s hope a way is found to stop their wanderings before that happens.


Tonbridge pictures second instalment

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Some totally unexciting pictures of my former home town taken on 8th April.


Aerial photographs

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Not the best quality but a few pictures taken from out the aircraft window on my recent flight from Faro, Portugal to London Gatwick.

There is one picture that I cannot recall the location nor can I find it!

Any help appreciated.


Something new soon…

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…some pictures I took from the air plus some more local stuff at the weekend I hope.


Busy, busy, busy!

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Monday at the Margate seaside was horribly cold and windy. At least my team (18th in the league) managed to grab a hard earned point in a 2-2 draw away to the team 3rd in our League in front of 747 fairly frozen fans.

First view out of the railway station was the beach where, despite the cold wind, small children were making sandcastles and so on. They were dressed as for an expedition to the North Pole however.

A few decent beers were had before and after the game and also in the Margate FC clubhouse bar, which sold proper Shepherd Neame Masterbrew bitter, albeit in plastic glasses as it was match day.

On Sunday I had cycled over to my former drinking den, the Bell Inn at Golden Green, where I caught up with the usual suspects, friends for many years before I migrated to warmer climes.

Today it was a trip to the south coast at Eastbourne, again visiting. There was a glimmer of sunshine! Some very nice Long Man Brewery ale and, faced with a 45 minute wait for a meal at an eatery at Eastbourne marina that shall remain nameless, we opted for a selection from the local fish and chip shop.

That was of such quantity that I may not have to eat again until Friday!

Tomorrow it will be time to catch up with more friends and a probable pub crawl of Carshalton (south London) then Thursday it’s back home to the warm. Or perhaps not, given the sort-term weather forecast for that part of the world!

I will try to take some pictures of our trip tomorrow.


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