22nd February – weather has been mostly wind and rain this past few days. Better this morning though. Still nothing to do and nowhere to go.

We expect the current restrictions on movement and social activity to be in place for at least another month, if not until after Easter.

Beach webcam here. Local ten day weather forecast here.

Albufeira Tuesday 2nd February 2021

It was a nice enough day for a bit of a walk. I went down to see the progress of the building work at the new marina site, back up the hill into town via the cat tribe and into town itself. Many of you will recognise the places.

Works at stage 2 of the marina development. So far, it’s roads and landscaping work. The cycle paths are being marked out in a particularly garish red paint.
Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-1 Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-2
Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-4 Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-5
Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-6 Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-7
Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-8 Albufeira-Marina-Stage2-020221-9
The marina itself was almost deserted of course.
Albufeira-marina-020221-1 Albufeira-marina-020221-2

Repairs have been made to a section of cliff between the marina and fishermen’s harbour which had been crumbling dangerously.Albufeira-marina-020221-3 Albufeira-marina-020221-4
Near the marina there are several vast mansions under construction, but one site does seem to have been abandoned.
Albufeira-building-work-020221-1 Albufeira-building-work-020221-2
Albufeira-building-work-020221-3 Albufeira-building-work-020221-4 Albufeira-building-work-020221-5 Albufeira-building-work-020221-6
Up in town various members of the cat tribe were out busy doing nothing as cats do, plus I spotted a couple of others warily watching.
Albufeira-cats-020221-1 Albufeira-cats-020221-2
Albufeira-cats-020221-3 Albufeira-cats-020221-4
Some of you will know of the (in)famous green tiled building above the beach. Rebuilding proceeds. The steel framne that aupported the front wall has been removed. The wall is now held up by a new frame. There is still a huge amount of work to do. The interior is a shell.
Albufeira-Greentiledbuilding-020221-1 Albufeira-Greentiledbuilding-020221-2
There were a dozen or so paddleboard and surfer types on the beach. The waves weren’t exactly big, but they were having fun, something that most people now cannot do of course. In contrast one of the normally busy old town streets was deserted.
Albufeira-beach-020221-1 Albufeira-beach-020221-2

Albufeira-beach-020221-3 Albufeira-beach-020221-4
Albufeira-beach-020221-5 Albufeira-beach-020221-6
Albufeira-beach-020221-7 Albufeira-beach-020221-8

Kiss disco Albufeira then and now

A friend sent in an old aerial photo of Kiss, the disco club in Rua Vasco da Gama. Maybe some of you went there in your younger days, when it was still in open countryside. Date unknown, the picture is from Paulo Norberto. Here’s the picture and below the best current view I can get from Google satellite. Does anyone have any memories from way back then?

Some decent weather at last!

A nice sunny day today, 18ยบ at 1pm (1300hrs) so it was out for a walk earlier. The recent rain has turned everything very green. There has been some ploughing but plenty of other colours. (This picture was taken about 2km from the centre of Albufeira.)

The green here is mostly clover.
A once abandoned orchard that seemed to me was being brought back to life.

I wonder if the future lack of a tourist industry will turn some people back to the former ways, growing fruit etc. This area had definite signs of new work.

There is always a downside though. Tipping of building rubble by the roadside is as common as ever. A large amount had been removed but no sooner done that another load is tipped. Do these people have no conscience at all?

And from the Bem Parece hilltop, a view across to the eastern side of town. The large hotels in the Montechoro district can be seen in the background.

By the way, this was the view from my front window yesterday morning! Thick low cloud and it was raining.

Albufeira marina and town 20th December 2020

Sunday was a nice sunny day, so I took a walk around the building site that is to become the second part of the Albufeira Marina development. Then up the hill past the fishermen’s harbour and into town before spending far too long in a bar watching the football!


Albufeira Christmas lights part two

A few pictures taken last night. Walking up Rua do MFA, around the car park opposite the town hall and a couple of hours later back along the main road towards home. Not the best quality I’m afraid. The streetlights affect the colours and I am not adept enough to have figured out which of the three million settings on the camera will work best!

P1030090 P1030095

P1030097 P1030101

P1030107 P1030108

P1030109 P1030111

P1030117 P1030118

P1030120 P1030121