Short visit to Silves 6th February 2016

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Off to Silves to watch Silves vs Imortal Albufeira, Algarve League Division One.

(We won 2-1, hooray, after a run of three successive defeats.)

I had a few minutes for a quick walk around a bit of the town for some pictures.

Rest are at


Been a bit ill!

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Which is why I haven’t posted over the past few days. Nothing serious, just needed to be in close proximity to the bathroom for a while. I shall spare you the details.

I will be back on board by the weekend, when a day out in Silves is on the agenda.


Some nice colours

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Everything is green after the recent warm and wet weather, yellow too.
Taken on the way towards Algarve Shopping on Tuesday afternoon.


Strawberries in January

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Copied, without repentance, from a post I made today at!

Here’s something you don’t see in the UK in January – strawberry picking in the open air! This is called Várzea de Quarteira, but it’s in Albufeira legally as it’s on the road between Açoteais and the Alfamar resort.

Cobbled together from three pictures.


Another sunny day in Albufeira

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It has been another sunny day here in Albufeira. People were sunbathing on the beach and around the hotel pools.

The wind was a bit strong, but in a sheltered spot those from the frozen north could believe it was springtime, not mid-January. Certainly I have watched cricket in temperatures colder than today. We had 17C this afternoon.

Two pictures taken this afternoon at Praia da Oura, on the eastern side of town.

Certainly the flowers think it is springtime. Same area, same time.


Albufeira marina 12th January 2016

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It has been a very nice sunny day (16C this afternoon) so I went for walk around the marina where I haven’t been for a few weeks. A new ten pin bowling alley is under construction which will please both tourists and locals for sure. The sunshine was making everything look nice.

Some pictures at – here’s a sample.


2016 under way

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New Year’s Eve passed splendidly with a good meal among friends, a firework show on the beach then far too much to drink. Suffering now because of that, also a six monthly check-up at the dentist that left me financially and orally challenged!

In among the showers I took a trip last Tuesday to the far end of the Algarve and the town of Vila Real de Santo António, to take a look at real footballers in one of the training matches they play during the ‘winterbreak’ in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

FC Sparta Rotterdam 3 Lierse SK 0

The team that’s top of the Dutch second division showed why. Defensive errors by the Belgians (who are 10th in their second division) were ruthlessly punished.

A fairly entertaining game in proper football weather. A squally and icy shower hit the stadium in Vila Real just as they kicked off. The wind blew hard for most of the match, warm it was not.

Here’s the cloud drawing near a few minutes earlier.


The sports complex at Vila Real de Santo António would put to shame any British town of similar size. A multi-use stadium, an indoor 80 metres track etc, two more grass pitches with floodlights (one has rugby posts for some reason!) several tennis courts, the large municipal swimming pool and two 3G pitches. And the town mortuary! I’d love to know where they get the money from.

Sparta (in red and white, apparently they decided to model themselves on Sunderland when it came to choosing a colour) take the lead just before half time. Three defenders and none of them committed.


One of the most prominent features of Vila Real is the lighthouse. Here it is, seen from inside the stadium.


Lierse will be in action in my local stadium a little later, rain is coming so I am off shortly!!


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