Canterbury, Kent, April 2019

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The main purpose of the visit was to watch cricket, Kent v Hampshire, in which my team Kent suffered a heavy defeat. I stayed in a B&B in the street called Wincheap. That’s a name the origins of which are lost in the mists of time, although the old English word ‘cheap’ means ‘a market’ so it’s highly likely some kind of market would have been held there, On the street are two of Canterbury’s oldest inns, dating back to the 15th Century.

Below the King’s Head, established in 1410 and noted as Canterbury’s oldest inn.


The Maiden’s Head is a little younger, dating from 1446.


There would undoubtedly have been many more until recent times. When the city gates were closed at night, travellers would be obliged to seek lodging in these inns until the gates opened in the morning. Similar inns can be found on the other roads leading into the city.

Wincheap also has many other old buildings still standing. These are just a few.


In contrast, Canterbury East railway station is very youthful, having been opened in 1860. The building is mostly the original. The station has around 1 million passengers each year.


Nearby and once more originally built in Roman times and rebuilt during the 14th century is a long section of the city wall with one of the watchtowers.


Traditional market stalls with colourful displays of locally grown fruit and vegetables can still be found in the city centre.


And finally scenes during the ‘half time’ interval on the cricket match. By that time it was starting to turn very cold, not like the weather we have enjoyed since!



Eastbourne, April 2019

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In UK for a 60th birthday party. Cold and windy, 7ºC. Seafront

One of the Martello towers built over 200 years ago to deter an invasion by the French.

They had use later in both World Wars but most are derelict these days.


Walking Football Tournament

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This is what I have been doing with myself this past two days.


Faro marina 30th March 2019

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I travelled through Faro on the way to a football match yesterday. Sun was shining although it was windy. Here is the marina. In the background the old city walls.

This one is looking the other way, across the tidal marshes towards the airport.

Faro’s railway station is close to the marina. An Intercity train from Lisbon enters the station



Albufeira town beach 27th March 2019

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It was quite windy, air temperature around 20ºC. Didn’t deter some people from having a paddle! The sun beds were not doing much business however.


Unusual plant seen

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Spotted this the other day not far from home.

The plant is apparently one of these –

It flowers only once , towards the end of its thirty year lifespan, which is maybe why we don’t see it very often in this form.


Galé beach Tuesday 19th March

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Galé is a popular beach about 3 miles / 5.5km west of Albufeira itself. In the warm and sunny weather that is still with us, plenty of people were out enjoying the sand.

And in the distance at the far end of the beach stands the small town of Armação de Pêra.