Summer in Médoc

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I have arrived for my annual visit to the seaside resort of Soulac sur Mer. It is humid and partly cloudy, 27C. The tide was out yesterday  afternoon so I was able to get some good views of the vast beach.

Soulac beach at low tide looking north

Soulac beach at low tide looking north

Soulac beach at low tide looking south

Soulac beach at low tide looking south


Residence Signal

The views are rather spoiled by this derelict apartment block. It is still awaiting demolition some two years after the residents were forcibly evacuated when coastal erosion was seemed to have rendered the building too dangerous.


Soulac beach at low tide

To the right of the umbrella can be seen one of the shallow lagoons that forms at low tide. At present this is only a foot (25cm) deep but when the tide comes in, and it does so very quickly, this will soon be four feet (100cm) deep and with fast flowing water. In effect, the tide is coming in behind you. The beach guards keep a close watch for people, especially children, who may be marooned on one of the sandbanks.


Soulac beach lagoon

This picture, taken a few minutes later, shows how large they become.




Cloudy France

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27th July and it’s been cloudy yesterday but today has begun with clear skies. Outside thermometers said 28C at the weekend but it didn’t feel like it. I paid a visit recently to the museum and Roman site at Plassac, up on the right bank of the Gironde near Blaye.

I will have some pictures and some more words later today, having finally whittled them down to a sensible number. And I am now in a place where the internet connection works well, in the bat at least!


In France

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I have left behind the blazing heat of south-east England for the rather cloudy and gloomy French city of Bordeaux. The very slow and erratic internet connection at my hotel means I won’t be able  to post anything meaningful for a few days.

Temperature 18C at 0945am local, cloudy and humid,some contrast to Tuesday’s 34C at the Kent v Sussex cricket match at Tunbridge Wells. Here’s the CAMRA beer tent.


Status – new attempt!

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17th July – 25C in south east England. Unheard of!

Took the easy way out and simply over-wrote the old post as the site will not let me edit.


Lewes FC v Dulwich Hamlet FC

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Mid July in England and a host of semi-professional football clubs are starting pre-season. Such a day was Saturday 16th July, when Lewes FC hosted the well known Dulwich Hamlet team. Both clubs have Community Club status, which in simple terms means that they are owned by Supporter’s groups.

Lewes play in the Ryman Isthmian League First Division South, the 8th tier of English football (The English Premier League is the 1st and top tier). Dulwich Hamlet play one tier higher, in the Ryman Isthmian League Premier Division having narrowly missed out on promotion last season.

Lewes is one of the more eccentric grounds around the English semi-professional scene, with a tree inside the stadium, boundary walls of flint stone and a strange little row of huts serving as private viewing boxes.

The ground is known as ‘The Dripping Pan’ reputedly after the business of monks from the ancient priory, who used it to extract salt from the tidal waters of the river. Lewes has always played there, since foundation in 1885, which must make it one of the oldest grounds in continuous use anywhere.

Wikipedia article –

The game itself wasn’t too bad for a pre season affair. Dulwich took and early lead, Lewes equalised shortly before half time. Amid the usual raft of substitutions common in these games, Dulwich regained the lead, Lewes equalised with the kind of goal to coaches and managers nightmares but eventually Dulwich pulled away to come out 5-2 winners.

If you are in the area and plan a visit, the stadium is 200 metres from Lewes railway station, meaning you can properly enjoy the selection of real ales available in the bar.

My pictures here.


What’s gone wrong here?

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I find myself unable to edit previous posts and importantly the status item at the top. Enquiries of WordPress and user forums have not found any answers. Suffice it
to say that I have now left Albufeira to the heat (mid 30’s C) and the hordes of tourists.

I shall be in Eastbourne (Sussex, England) for a few more days before setting off for my annual trip to the Bordeaux and Aquitaine region of France. It’s been good weather here today, 24C which is good for an English summer.

I have a few pictures to show from a trip today to Lewes Football Club, up here tomorrow.


Albufeira beach 3rd July 2016

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For some reason unknown I am currently unable to edit the ‘status’ item at the top of the page. Suffice it to say that the weekend has been very hot at 32C / 90F and the beach very busy, as the picture below shows. A few more later when I have been through if you click the item below the main picture.


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