Albufeira late May

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A few weeks before the summer season, yesterday there were plenty of people on the beaches on a nice sunny day.

Links to a couple of posts I made today at showing some sunny beaches, activities on the water and local wildlife.


Quarteira and Vilamoura 25th May

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Took a short trip to Quarteira and Vilamoura, in particular to see the much talked about walkway that has been built to connect Quarteira and Vilamoura. I have to say I was not overly impressed. It is an improvement over what was there before, but at only about 500 metres long I don’t see what all the fuss was about!

The walkway is about 10 metres wide and is formed of small interconnected stone blocks, so is fairly smooth and even. There is illumination all along, with solar powered street lights.

Artificial low sand dunes are being created between the walkway and the beach. This I assume to prevent sand being blown across the path, although is not working yet in some places. At the Vilamoura end the wide path abruptly becomes much narrower, That’s the path that has been there for some years which leads to the Vilamoura marina.

There you can see the vessels of the rich and / or famous on display.

The pictures I took are here.


The sun is back in Albufeira!

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Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon. 25C and sunny.

The main beach in town, the Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s beach)

The Praia da Oura, where the heavy seas of recent weeks have eroded the sand considerably.


Out at last! Off to Salgados

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Finally a day with only a brief shower. I haven’t been to the Salgados lagoon area for a while, so it was on the bike for a couple of hours earlier. It was windy but otherwise a nice afternoon. The recent very wet weather has filled up the lagoon except that I think the sand bar might have been breached – basically the lagoon overflowed into the sea. It is filling up again but one area is still pretty lacking in water.

Here’s one picture I took  – the wading birds are happy in the mud. and here are the rest


Nasty here!

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The view from my window this morning. I didn’t make it to the wine festival after a good soaking on Saturday left with me a bad cold. And a phone that needed 48 hours of drying out!


New posts?

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A couple of people have asked. I usually aim to add something new every 7 – 10 days. However since last weekend it has been very wet, rain much of the time, even a short thunderstorm. There has been little opportunity to get out. Add to that a keyboard failure which meant I was unable to use my main resource for a couple of days, keyboard now replaced.

And my hot water system (gas heater) also broke down and was written off. The replacement cost €€€, so not in a good mood and that was before I received a mild electric shock from my washing machine.

What’s in store for me there I wonder? Expert advice is being sought but no doubt that measns more money, more expense and less to spend on beer.

Thinking of drink, we have the annual Albufeira wine festival coming up. Our visit will be on Monday afternoon, so all being well there will be some pictures of Albufeira’s finest enjoying themselves some time on Tuesday. It’s indoors!


Albufeira colours

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Just a few pictures taken while walking from my place to Algarve Shopping for the cinema. I went to see the new Macbeth film. Don’t watch this film if if depressed or sad or you will be feeling positively suicidal when it ends.


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