There is a goat in town.

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Last day of my trip up north. I was in a town called Póvoa de Varzim, to the north of Porto when almost in the middle of town I stumbled upon a patch of ground about half the size of a football pitch that contained an urban farm of sorts.

All manner of livestock including, all say  aaaaahhhh!

goatI shall spend the journey home tomorrow weeding out the pictures from the past few days and will publish probably on Sunday.


Visit to Porto March 2018

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A while back I decided I would need a change from the same old faces down the pub every week, so booked a short trip to Porto. €66 return on the train, first class, booked in advance and now with my old person discount!

It has been bright and sunny, but also windy and cold. I walked for about 2 hours right out to the mouth of the Douro and the sea, so plenty more to come.

I took 108 pictures today, so a lot to sort through but here are just three to begin with.


This was spotted near the Jardim do Morro in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the bridge from Porto. I can only assume the owner has a ladder as I did not see any other way to get up there!

Near there is the upper end of the Teleférico de Gaia, a recent addition to the skyline. The cable car is not a means of general transport as it runs only tourist hours from 1000am and it’s expensive at €6, but you get some superb views up and down the river as well as down onto the warehouses below. (Most of the port houses are in fact in Gaia, not Porto.)


And here are the lion and eagle of Boavista brooding on top of their pillar.


I will add a link here to the photo album once ready. Will be a day or two as I am going to revisit Aveiro tomorrow, a nice place I have not visited for ten years.


Albufeira beach loses sand

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The loss of sand in the recent stormy weather is more obvious from this picture I took at Inatel hotel earlier this afternoon. The recent tides had come right up the wall.

The place where the two people are standing is normally covered with sand.


Parchal Stork City

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Almost forget about this. A few days ago, after football on a very grey day in Parchal, near Portimão, I spotted several nests perched precariously on the tops of disused factory chimneys and lighting poles. How do they do it?



Albufeira beach 12th March 2018

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The weather is still pretty poor but at least we have now had around 36 hours with no rain. I had to go into town yesterday, here is a montage of some pictures.


Still not very warm, only 17ºC as I write.


A brief interlude from rain

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All too brief! We had a few hours on Wednesday morning with no rain. The beach was rather windswept, only a few people were braving the weather. In the afternoon and evening we had a long period, hours, of heavy rain.

A few more here.!Am0w7qp9HCpqg7wiTXSk3kSZePkxAg


Tornado strikes Algarve

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On Sunday afternoon a small tornado hit land between Faro and Olhão. No serious injuries but it caused a lot of minor damage –

click these video clips to see footage from inside and outside the Forum Algarve Shopping centre at Faro :-

A travellers community of about 100 people had their camp destroyed. Elsewhere high winds and very high tides caused a lot of damage in coastal areas including Praia da Rocha and Olhos De Água