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Albufeira local residents

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Enjoying some afternoon sun near the beach on Thursday afternoon.


Wildlife at play

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I was out walking this afternoon and almost trod on these two having some fun in the sun.


Médoc, France, 20th July 2017

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After a dull and misty start, the day turned out quite reasonable although somewhat windy. Temperature 23ºC, a good day for a couple of hours on the bike.

I came by a small group of horses, not enough to be a herd really. Just grazing happily  as they do, across a narrow canal from the bike path. Among them were two much smaller and oddly coloured animals, ponies perhaps. Any ideas anyone?


A horse


Several horses. I doubt the countryside has changed much in a few hundred years. Very low lying, lots of canals and quite marshy in places.


A large and a small horse or pony


The Gironde at Port de Talais. At this point the river is about 5.5 miles or 8.8km wide. It is very tidal, fierce currents are to be seen. Vast areas of mud are exposed at low tide (below) which in years gone by had oyster beds. Pollution ended that little industry.



Strange bug spotted

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I am told it is a mole cricket, that mostly lives underground. Which is why I have never seen one!

Does anyone know what this is please? Spotted this morning while I was walking down a track just back of where I live in Albufeira. I have never seen anything looking like this. I woudl say it was about 5cm (2″) long. It was moving slowly but fairly steadily, pausing to rummage around in the gravel. A few seconds later is vanished into some long grass.


Bug 1


Bug 2


Singapore high-rise cat rescue

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Silly pussy! How did it get there in the first place?

From the BBC News website (no sound)


Cowardy cats

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Cowardy cats

Members of one of the local cat tribes were not ready for a fight on Friday, when a couple of large gulls swooped down and helped themselves to their food. Can’t blame them perhaps. We all know how vicious gulls can be.


The striped one walked off, an angry expression on its face.


Free range?

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Along the back road towards Algarve Shopping yesterday afternoon.