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Trip to Lagos Thursday 5th October 2017

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My trip to Lagos last Thursday (5th October, Republic Day holiday here) would have been better if :

(a) I had remembered to put a memory card in my new camera. It won’t take pictures without one not like the other one could;
(b) it hadn’t been quite so hot!
(c) we hadn’t lost 4-1!

Still I popped off a few of pictures of Lagos using my phone, just to give a small flavour of October in the sunshine. The weather here is still as in high summer, daytime temperatures are around 6º higher than the average for this time of year, even hitting 30ºC once or twice. As I write today from Albufeira at 1030am local it is 24ºC.

A couple of samples below, about 10 others at


Lagos Marina



The riverside ‘Esplanade’ in Lagos.


Pictures from Lagos, Portugal

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These are just a few pictures of Lagos, featuring the river, marina, boats and parts of the town.

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I was in Lagos on Tuesday for a football match (England Under 17 v Netherlands Under 17 and England lost!) and I had a bit of time to spare afterwards. it was a dark and windy day, but I took a walk around town and here are some pictures

I haven’t put captions to them all but I hope you can see what I saw, just some glimpses of a Portuguese holiday destination when there are not many visitors.

Pictures from Lagos, Portugal

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Lagos visit March 27 2012

Just some pictures I took on a day out on March 27th. Hot sunny day, very windy. I took a walk around the walls as well as some of the less frequented parts of the old city.!9017&parid=6A2A1C7DAAEE306D!3519&authkey=!AIZu5IjjRU0fedI


Meia Praia Beach

Meia Praia Beach from Lagos

Lagos visit March 27 2012

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