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Visit to Pont du Gard August 2019

Something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Anyone with even the slightest interest in history or engineering cannot fail to be impressed by this structure. Built in 1st century AD as part of a 50km aqueduct to bring a better water supply to the city of Nîmes, it is still almost complete but no longer functional. That lasted only about 600 years!

There are probably a million pictures out there. Here a just a few of mine. Down below, the river is a popular canoeing and kayaking centre, as well as a place just to jump in the water on a hot day. The site is accessed through a visitor centre which houses a museum and history of the construction of the waterway system. There is a lot of walking to do within the site and some parts are definitely not accessible to those less mobile.


The low structure in the foreground is an early 18th century road bridge, whose arches exactly match the pattern of the much older aqueduct. It is across this that visitors walk. Guided tours of the Roman building, including the interior, are available at certain times.


This is the river Gardon.


The slots are those used by the engineers cranes when hoisting the blocks up the scaffold.


This rather grand residence sits nearby.


The plaque on the later bridge.


The protruding blocks, clearly seen in this picture, were to support the scaffolding that rose with the structure.


Nearby is a short tunnel, dug to bring water onto the top of the aqueduct. Most of the 50km of the water route was in fact at ground level or beneath it.


The remains of one of the channels down from the hills.


There is plenty of history and information easily found. All of this was achieved without modern machinery, computer aided design or committees. Wikipedia article here.

Most of the 1.5 million annual visitors go by car, so there is a vast car park nearby. You can get there by public bus from Nîmes, Avignon and Uzès, the buses stop about 5 minutes walk from the visitor centre. At the time of my visit, the bus fare for any journey was €3,10 there and back. Regional bus website for times is the stop is called Vers Rond Point du Gard.

Get there early! Estimate 2 – 3 hours on site. It is a pleasant area to walk around, although on the day of my visit it was quite windy with a lot of dust in the air.

Visit to Pont du Gard August 2019

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Soulac sur mer food fair 27 July 2019

There was a nice little food fair last night in the square outside the historic church. Numerous stalls selling various ethnic and traditional food, beer, wine and champagne also. I have to say that the biggest queue was at the burger stand but they did look very nice. I had a dish of araignée de porc, a variant on the asian recipe at

It had finally stopped raining mid afternoon, this first picture was taken at about 1900hrs.








Shortly before sunset, the beach was deserted. Many people always come to watch the sun go down. Perhaps that’s a relic of ancient times when prayers would be offered to make sure it came back the following day.


About 15 minutes before sunset but then the clouds got in the way.


Soulac sur mer food fair 27 July 2019

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Albufeira Praia do Peneco

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Pictures taken just after 1000am Tuesday 16th July. Only 24ºC, rising to 29 or 30 later.


Why are some crabs left handed?

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And why do they sit waving that big claw? Spider crabs in the mud at the estuary of the river Arade in Portimão.




Salgados Lagoon 4th July 2019

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This watery nature reserve is about 5 miles west of Albufeira. It is well filled despite the lack of rain owing to a system of valves that let in sea water at high tide and send it back at low tide. There are not many birds to be seen at this time of year. Parts of the surrounding area are very dry after weeks with hardly any rain. Most of the Algarve region is now in s condition of extreme drought. There has been a small grass fire across the road from me, which took five fire appliances to control. There will be more no doubt.


Galé beach 4th July 2019

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Galé is about 4miles / 6km west of Albufeira. The beach was busy on a cool and cloudy day.

The buildings in the background are the town of Armação de Pêra


Albufeira 28th June 2019

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Sunny day, 27ºC, local school holidays start tomorrow. Town beach looking east.

The inflatable is not in service.

The old town square – Laro Engº Duarte Pacheco

Recent demolition has exposed part of the old castle wall. Houses were built directly onto it.

Work continues on the scheme to improve the drainage in the old town centre.