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Early summer in Albufeira

In Albufeira on June 17, 2018 by cubsur51

Summer is here at last, daytime temperatures are up to 30ºC (86F), the town and beaches are already very busy. These pictures were taken on Friday afternoon 15th June.


Still not summertime here!

In Albufeira on June 12, 2018 by cubsur51

The unusually cool and cloudy weather continues. There are plenty of people in town but little call for sunshades! Here are a couple of shots of the town beach taken over the past four days.


Cool and cloudy in Albufeira

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Picture taken around 11.15am 4th June. Definitely not normal June weather! No takers for the sun beds this morning but still plenty of people on the beach. Kids jumping in and out of the sea. Temperature around 20ºC.



Visit to Portimão 30 May 2018

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Went to Portimão on a bit of business but also to visit the museum. On the way walking there I spotted a couple of things of interest.

Portimao-300518-003 and a nice plant

Portimao-300518-007 and the old bridge still carrying heavy traffic almost 150 years after it was built.


The Portimão museum is housed in an old sardine cannery on the riverside. Its exhibits focus mainly on that industry, which all but vanished in the 1980’s. It was rather dark in places but I did manage a few pictures which are here.

If you are the city it’s worth an hour or two of your time. Opening times (except August) are Tuesdays 1430 – 1800, Wednesdays to Sundays 1000 – 1800. Closed Mondays and national holidays.

In August, opening times are Tuesdays 1930 – 2300, Wednesday to Sunday 1500 – 2300, closed Mondays and national holidays (the only one is 15th August) and admission is free between 1500 and 1900 on Saturdays.

Admission €3 for adults, reductions available for children and seniors, it’s free on Saturday mornings except in August when it’s not open until 1500. It’s located on the riverside not far from the two bridges and Largo do Dique at Rua D. Carlos I by the big crane. Bus stops from near and far are 200 metres away, parking likewise.

The stencil machine in one of the pictures was made by the Ideal Stencil Machine Co. of Belleville Illinois, which was in business from 1911 to 2002 I read. One of the machines in the dark was the evil device that made the keys for opening the tins, which to this day I am usually unable to use without getting sardine everywhere. One display mentions the men who soldered the lids onto the cans. It said that a skilled man could do 100 an hour. There were riots and strikes when machines were bought in to replace them.

Official website only in Portuguese is at


Visit to Lagoa 24th May 2018

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Last Thursday and a short visit to the nearby town of Lagoa. With a population of around 23,000 Lagoa is one of the fairly unspoiled towns in the Algarve region. It’s away from the coast, so is not on the tourist trails. Like many towns here, it is a mixture of the well kept and practically derelict, although I am happy to say that the latter is a minority.

This is the Palácio da Rosa, now the town council Treasury office. Most of the structure dates from the 18th century and was a private residence until 1970.

The town war memorial includes names from recent conflicts in Angola and Mozambique.
There aren’t many places with cattle around here, especially right on the edge of town. Just to the east of Lagoa is a large aeea of very wet land where presumably web-footed bovines are kept.

A few more pictures at!Am0w7qp9HCpqg8kB4o0805wJCN4wGA not yet captioned. Will have to do that on Sunday afternoon.


Albufeira May 2018

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Just a couple of pictures from yesterday afternoon, a sunny day but a little windy!

Old town square

Town beach around 5pm yesterday. View is from the terrace of Casa del Mar restaurant next to Sol e Mar hotel.

And today, one of the little beaches to the west of town. This is Praia do Castelo.


Visit to Portimão 8th May 2018

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Visit to Portimão 8th May 2018

Just a short trip for an afternoon out. There was a cruise ship in town, the Seabourne Quest, 32,348 tons. Ship carries 456 passengers in some luxury I should imagine! I was unable to get too close because of the security.


An event was being laid on for the passengers, who seemed mostly French. Local estate agents were occupying some of the tents. Musicians were setting up a stage behind where I was standing.



Also docked was the replica French sailing frigate L’Hermione.

This isn’t my picture. Large crowds waiting to go on board blocked my view. I didn’t have time to spare unfortunately. The vessel is a replica of the frigate of the same name that carried the Marquis Lafayette from France to the not quite USA in 1780, where he joined the War of Independence on the American side. Later in his life he was in command of the National Guard at the time of the French Revolution, but was imprisoned for five years by the radical elements. He was later offered the ‘job’ of dicator, which he declined. As one does.

The ship will be visiting various locations in Spain and France until June 16th.

In a disused part of the dock, a stork has made its next on top of a old crane job.


Nearby is a part of the conveyors that were used to transfer fish from the boats into the factories that once lined the river. All gone now. The Portimão museum is located there now.


View of Portimão from down by the dock.


The railway bridge built in 1915 is 330 metres long, carrying the line across the River Arade.


And finally, a view across the river to Ferragudo.