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Albufeira green and wet

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The recent rain has brought out the flowers. Supermarket garden.


The little stream that runs towards and then under the town is flowing fairly well.


The problem for me is that flowers and blossoms mean pollen! Hayfever time is here. I must be almost alone in looking forward to the forecast rain for Friday afternoon and the weekend.


Albufeira from the Air – Demo Reel #1

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Whether you have been here or not, you will find this 1 min 45 seconds of drone footage interesting. Made by Administration at, not me!


Exploding tomato pulp!

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Have you ever opened one of those large bottles of tomato pulp which has undergone a fermentation, even though it was in the fridge? I did earlier. As a result my kitchen looked like the aftermath of a particularly gory murder. Exploded when cap taken off.

Took ages to clean up.

Weather is gradually showing signs of improvement, although last Thursday and Sunday were fairly horrible. To cap it we had a mini tornado in the early hours of Friday, which some damage around town – see for pictures and news report. Nobody injured though.


Views from Bem Parece, Páteo, Albufeira

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Took these couple this afternoon while on other business.

The first is looking down into the old town area. The long line of buildings is the Avenida da Liberdade and above them part of the Cerro Mar hotel complex. On the right hand side middle you can make out the open structure that sits on the cliff near the top of the escalators. These were taken with my pocket camera.

The second is looking north. The brown scar across the middle is the never completed road that was to link the A2 highway with the road into Albufeira. To the right hand side is the Vale Paraiso light industrial and warehouse shopping area, above that the small town of Ferreiras and in the distance the hills in the Alte – Benafim – Penina area, which rise to 479 metres or 1572 feet.



Guia, near Albufeira

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This is what we want to see! Vineyards and grapes growing. Situated near Guia, but is not Sir Cliff Richard’s place.

I cannot remember if I have posted this before, in the village centre is an old well, nicely restored. The plaque is dated 1945, few homes would have had running water then.
nearby is this old well, now capped, and an ancient stone trough.


Wildlife at play

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I was out walking this afternoon and almost trod on these two having some fun in the sun.


Albufeira beach March 28th

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Temperature 24ºC, make the most of it as it will become a lot cooler over the next 48 hours! Beyond the pier you can see how much sand was taken away in the recent storms.

Back to work on Porto pictures!