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Some aerial footage

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A regular contributor to took a drone to the area that would have been the second phase of the Albufeira marina, long since abandoned to the weeds.

View at

Unfortunately the local seagulls took offence at this interloper into their skies and forced it down!

Some related video material at


Armação de Pêra 20th June 2016

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Armação de Pêra is a seaside town a few miles west of Albufeira. It has a long, wide and sandy beach. In fact, if you ever stay in the Galé or Salgados areas of Albufeira you can easily walk into Armação de Pêra along that same beach, which is continuous.

The town is popular with locals for a day out. Unlike many resorts around the Algarve, it has free parking near the beach! Much of the town though is nothing to look at. There are many tall apartment blocks but on the beach you don’t have to look at them. It is one of the least ‘British’ of the beach resorts.

It’s a place certainly worth a visit on a sunny day, as it was was last Monday. If you don’t have a car, there are buses from all the nearby towns. See for details and links to timetables.

Sample picture –

For the rest, click here


Armaçâo de Pêra

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Took a trip along the coast to the next town, Armacão de Pêra. It was a hot sunny day, the beach was very busy.

Pictures later today, Wednesday 22nd June.


Visit to Portimão 17 February 2016

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A few more pictures from Wednesday at


Visi to Portimão 17th February

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A sporty day, the Volta ao Algarve bike race at lunchtime then Portimonense v Gil Vicente in the Portugal Second Division in the afternoon.

Some words and pictures on the bike race are at

Football pictures to follow, tomorrow probably.


I had to go to Armação de Pêra for football last Saturday. The less said about that the better.

I had time to take a few pictures around town. It was a very nice day, 20C and sunny. Many people were out enjoying an afternoon in the cafés and bars and also on the beach.

Here’s a sample, another few at

Artmação de Pera 14th November

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An afternoon at football, Farense v Portimonense 30th September 2015

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I thought I should share this with my readers!

Portugal’s Second Division normally plays midweek matches in the afternoons. Such is the lack of interest they would have even fewer fans if they played at night when the Champions League etc are on TV. Average crowd for second tier (Segunda Liga) games in this supposedly football mad country is 850, so far this season.

Anyway, on 30th September two local Algarve teams were due to meet in a local derby. Despite protestations from Portimonense that the game should be at night, Farense insisted on a 4pm kickoff.

That allowed three of us to go to the game. Two regular visitors, who have become friends plus me of course, travelled from Albufeira to Faro by bus and train as beer was also on the agenda.

Steve (who is of course not in most of the pictures), myself (red shorts) and Paul (yellow shorts) enjoyed a sunny afternoon.

Steve has put together an excellent slideshow and set of video clips at which I think you will enjoy.

It is 18 minutes of screen time, so sit down and see what we did on our day out.