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Visit to Loulé and São Bras de Alportel

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Pictures recovered! Seems that one of the USB ports on my computer had a fault. I was furiously blaming the memory card when the problem was something else.

So, last Saturday I had a planned visit to São Bras de Alportel to watch the match between their team and Imortal of Albufeira.

Such is the lack of bus service around here at weekends, I had to leave very early and chose to take the 1015 bus to Loulé to have a quick look at the market and town before heading further to São Bras. By market, I mean the proper indoor market in the town centre, not the trashy outdoor tourist affair on the edge of town.

So the bus pulls up in Albufeira bus station (it starts in Portimão), masses of people got on board to add to the numbers already on and by the time it left, the bus was almost completely full! Many people were heading for Loulé and the market etc, a few were going on the the epic of modern consumerism of Mar Shopping, a bit further down the road. It’s a good job there are few other passengers using buses, the three more that were picked up en route just about found seats.

The indoor market and the area around it was very, very, busy, with local people buying and selling, as well as many tourists of course. The sun was shining, hte outdoor cafés and bars were busy also. The market hall was excellently restored a few years ago and houses stalls selling just about anything. Outside the main hall, the streets are filled with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, cheeses, sausage (I bought a very nice large chorizo type sausage, chouriço in Portugeuse) and herbs, spices, some fairly evil looking piri-piri (chili) sauces, nuts and more.

Stalls in the streets outside the market hall

I had time for a quick look around town as well.

The tower of the parish church Loulé This is the church tower. The main facade is undergoing a much needed restoration and is hidden behind scaffolding.

Then it was off to São Bras de Alportel on the 1235 bus. There were three of us on board when the bus left Loulé, the other two got off en route. One more passenger joined later. These buses cannot be operated at a profit. I would not be surprised if these buses were soon discontinued.

I had time in São Bras for a look around. I have been there before, there have been changes. The central square is now a pedestrian zone as some other streets. There are now also several one way streets. The bus has now to make a huge detour around the town before getting to the centre.

Main door of São Bras church

Here is the complete set of pictures.

After the game it was back to Faro on the bus at 1730, there were half a dozen others this time. Then at Faro a wait for the last bus to Albufeira at 1845. So Back home at half past eight!


Trip to Loulé and São Bras de Alportel

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First, the best stall in Loulé market. The proper indoor one, not the trashy tourist one.

More of Loulé and São Bras later when i have sorted pictures. Meanwhile, here’s my Saturday afternoon –


Albufeira old town from above

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A very nice sunny and warm day today, so I climbed the hill above Albufeira’s old town and took a few pictures.


Ancient sun beds

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Recovered from an apartment in our block during rebuilding. Made of wood.

Can anyone put a date on them? Just curious.


Weather contrasts!

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This picture was taken this morning by someone I know about 5km inland from Vilamoura.

And this one by me in Albufeira a little after 5pm. It was fairly cold though, 14ºC and it’s expected to be as low as 4ºC here tonight, colder inland.


The grass is green – but the flytipping!

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Walked over to the cinema, which is about 3 miles / 5km. The countryside is fairly green, the almond trees are flowering but it’s spoiled in places. Here, many people think it is acceptable to dump building rubble and old televisions by the roadside.

A couple of samples, the rest at!Am0w7qp9HCpqg6xngk8fFELGbevmag
This the view looking north-east towards the hills. The noticeable high point is the Rocha da Pena, 494 metres above sea level.

Near Albufeira 020218-001

Typical around here I regret.
Near Albufeira 020218-005


Viruses have at last gone!

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That was a nasty one, nearly three weeks of it! I can understand now why people die of the ‘flu. if not healthy to begin with.

Anyway, the sun is out and the sky is blue which cheers everyone up.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took on my way to the supermarket earlier. First time I have been there for 10 days.

This the play and exercise area at the entrance to the tunnel that takes the footpath under the main road and into town.

I am out for a walk this afternoon. My next door neighbour is rebuilding his bathroom, so I need to escape the drilling and hammering for a couple of hours. More pictures later of the sunny countryside.