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Albufeira 28th June 2019

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Sunny day, 27ºC, local school holidays start tomorrow. Town beach looking east.

The inflatable is not in service.

The old town square – Laro Engº Duarte Pacheco

Recent demolition has exposed part of the old castle wall. Houses were built directly onto it.

Work continues on the scheme to improve the drainage in the old town centre.


Albufeia beach 8th June 2019

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The inflatable water park is being assembled.




Albufeira beaches 6th June 2019

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It’s much cooler today, 22º, than it has been and quite windy. Even so, the town beaches were fairly busy. These pictures taken earlier from the hill above the marina and across the bay.


Albufeira Old Town beach 30 April 2019

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Albufeira town beach and Cais Herculano lunchtime 30th April 2019. Air temperature about 23ºC.


Albufeira town beach 27th March 2019

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It was quite windy, air temperature around 20ºC. Didn’t deter some people from having a paddle! The sun beds were not doing much business however.


Albufeira beach 10th March 2019

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With the temperature 21ºC, it was more like early summer than the middle of March. There were plenty of people on the beach and in the sea.


Albufeira old town 18 January 2019

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The Cais Herculano just above the old town beach, late morning. Temperature around 15ºC, it was starting to get windy. Rain is on the way.