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Albufeira from the Air – Demo Reel #1

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Whether you have been here or not, you will find this 1 min 45 seconds of drone footage interesting. Made by Administration at, not me!


Albufeira old town from above

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A very nice sunny and warm day today, so I climbed the hill above Albufeira’s old town and took a few pictures.


Albufeira 20th September 2017

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A normal day, went to a charity shop with some surplus items which they can sell to help the doggies and pussycats of town, then off to get my hair cut (looked terrible in the mirror this morning!) then to the supermarket to get some wine as birthday present for a friend. When I saw €9,99 bottles of this and that on sale for €2,99 I could not resist having a couple for myself. I feel the need to return without too much delay.

I had time to take a few pictures. It has been a fairly sunny day except that when you look out to sea it is quite misty. Temperature was up around 25ºC, the town is quite busy mainly with those who have no children at school, there are a lot of golfing parties here also.

Largo 25 de Abril and main town beach

The beach with all kinds of watery fun being had, including the inflatable water park.

Picture below taken at lunchtime 20th September 2107. For those who may not know the area, to the right are Turial Park apartments and to the left is the large building called Edificio Albufeira. The top end of the Avenida opens out into the main old town square, Largo Dr Enginheiro Duarte Pacheco. On the skyline at the right is the ill-fated Oceanville hotel and to the left is Albufeira Jardim 2.

Albufeira Rua Dom Afonso III, in the heart of the oldest part of town. The kind of pretty touristy picture that gets in the guidebooks. Reality check is a few yards further down the hill!


Albufeira Beach 8th March 2017

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Albufeira beach 080317

Temperature 24ºC 8th March, Albufeira main beach

Here are a few more from this sunny day, plenty of people enjoying the beach.


Summer days in Albufeira

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The last couple of weeks of the main summer holiday season are under way. Temperatures in the dayime are in the low 30’s C, the water is fairly warm and the sun is usually shining. Although I had no sooner opened my camera case yesterday afternoon when a large cloud blocked the sun for several minutes!

Albufeira is very busy still.

I took a walk along the two main beach areas and also into the old town (Centro Antigo) area. Here are some pictures of sun, sea and sand, also a few of the local cats who, on a hot afternoon, moved hardly so much as a whisker. I didn’t see most of the usual tribe up near the viewing platform, just two of them somewhere in the jungle having a squabble.


Albufeira beaches 4th June

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Went for a walk Saturday afternoon from one end of Albufeira to the other. It was a nice sunny day but very windy.

Some more, click below.


Albufeira after the flood – continued

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December 14th

The road is now starting to look like a road again. The sub base is down and being rolled. The lines for the pavements have been set out. The tarmac laying machine has arrived. Pictures taken Sunday afternoon 13th December.

Sadly, down in town, it does look more and more, to me anyway, that a lot of the flood damaged premises along Avenida 25 de Abril are not going to be open again any time soon. I will have a closer look later in the week.

Along ‘bar street’ a couple of places are being seriously worked on, but the only place actually open is the Marmota bar.

December 13th

The only large project now under way is the rebuilding of the road into town. This is proceeding. This picture was taken on Friday 11th.

The road outside the Casa da Fonte restaurant was dug out to install a new drain.

The escalators are still not working. Various shops, bars and restaurants along Avenida 25 de Abril are still closed. The two supermarkets show no sign of re-opening, as does the Fumos e Mitos wine shop which also housed the small post office counter. Work has begun on gutting shops on the Edificio Albufeira down near the pier.

We do now have some Christmas lights around the town and this electric ‘Christmas tree’ near the pier.

December 6th

The road is slowly starting to take shape. Men were even working on a Sunday!

In town, the surface drainage channels are being enlarged. I have added some more pictures – see below. The escalators are still not working. The supermarkets and eateries along Avenida 25 de Abril are all still closed, which includes the mini-post office. Also permanently closed is Drogaria Vítor. Apparently the building has been condemned. They have relocated to just around the corner from the Finanças office at the top of Rua do MFA.

Also now re-opened is the Pingo Doce supermarket opposite the Health Centre, that’s the one convenient for Eden resort and the Caliços area of the town.

As the weekend’s pictures from the north of England and Scotland have shown, these deadly storms and flash floods are becoming more and more common. Defence is often futile.

The rest of the pictures, which include some more general shots of town and beach – click to go to the album.