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Albufeira Old Town beach 30 April 2019

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Albufeira town beach and Cais Herculano lunchtime 30th April 2019. Air temperature about 23ºC.


Albufeira in mid summer?

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No, today 25th February.


Albufeira – good and bad

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Pictures taken Friday afternoon on a bit of a walk.

First, some views. Looking across the old town and the bay with Vilamoura and Quarteira in the distance.


The stadium floodlights and in the background the Montechoro area with its many tourist hotels.

And the area around Camping Albufeira (the big building in the centre) and Vale Paraiso.

Recent warm and occasionally wet weather has made the grass grow.

But the downside of almost any walk around here is coming across this :

Clearly some people have no conscience or respect for the environment and could not care about what others may think. They are too lazy to go an extra 5 minutes to an authorised municipal dump. Nothing is done to stop this.


Albufeira old town 18 January 2019

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The Cais Herculano just above the old town beach, late morning. Temperature around 15ºC, it was starting to get windy. Rain is on the way.



At last – a day with no rain in Albufeira!

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Today was a much better day. I was able at last to take a walk and take some pictures. I went to the hill up behind the marina, where it’s a view down into the marina and old town areas. Here are three samples, some pictures over the weekend.

This is a view of the one time ‘Fishermen’s Beach’ from the hill across the other side of the bay.


And this is a close up of people sitting in the sun outside the beach restaurant ‘O Farol’ (The Lighthouse) – it was only about 17ºC but pleasant enough as there was little wind.


The light was pretty good. This is Quarteira, about 9 miles or 14km across the sea from where I was standing.


The sky wasn’t really as dark as that!


Albufeira May 2018

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Just a couple of pictures from yesterday afternoon, a sunny day but a little windy!

Old town square

Town beach around 5pm yesterday. View is from the terrace of Casa del Mar restaurant next to Sol e Mar hotel.

And today, one of the little beaches to the west of town. This is Praia do Castelo.


Albufeira from the Air – Demo Reel #1

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Whether you have been here or not, you will find this 1 min 45 seconds of drone footage interesting. Made by Administration at, not me!