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Visit to Lagoa 24th May 2018

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Last Thursday and a short visit to the nearby town of Lagoa. With a population of around 23,000 Lagoa is one of the fairly unspoiled towns in the Algarve region. It’s away from the coast, so is not on the tourist trails. Like many towns here, it is a mixture of the well kept and practically derelict, although I am happy to say that the latter is a minority.

This is the Palácio da Rosa, now the town council Treasury office. Most of the structure dates from the 18th century and was a private residence until 1970.

The town war memorial includes names from recent conflicts in Angola and Mozambique.
There aren’t many places with cattle around here, especially right on the edge of town. Just to the east of Lagoa is a large aeea of very wet land where presumably web-footed bovines are kept.

A few more pictures at!Am0w7qp9HCpqg8kB4o0805wJCN4wGA not yet captioned. Will have to do that on Sunday afternoon.


Porto Trip part 2 Updated 21st April 2016

I have found the detail of the abandoned railway line featured in some of my pictures. Known as the ‘Ramal da Alfandega’ this freight only line was opened in 1888 to provide a railway connection between the main line at Campanhã station, to the east of the city centre and what was then the major dock area of the city.

The line ran through three tunnels, the longest of which was 1.3km long, right under the city centre. Presumably it is still there! There must be a steep incline in there somewhere, as in the space of about 1.5km it descends from where you can see it down to river level.

This 1967 photo clearly shows the line and two of the tunnel entrances above the river to the left.  One tunnel is almost under the bridge, the other is almost in the centre of the picture.  Full size image is at
Note the almost complete absence of traffic along the road below!

The ‘Alfandega’ was situated here – this is an extract from a map dated 1929.


Porto the old Alfandega

A present day map of the same area.


Porto new Alfandega

The line gradually declined in importance with the expansion of the docks at Leixões. It eventually closed in 1989. Its history is the subject of a short article in the Portuguese language Wikipedia at

Porto trip part 2

On a better day for weather than the earlier part of my trip, I first took the metro to the Estadio do Dragão, home of FC Porto one of Portugal’s big three teams.

The stadium, with seats for 50,035 fans, was rebuilt for the Euro 2004 championships hosted by Portugal. I was unable to go inside but there are several places from where good views can be obtained.

I then walked a little way around the area, which took me to the edge of the railway carriage depot at Contumil then it was back yo Campanhã station.

After that, I took a walk around the Campanhã area and quite by chance found an abandoned railway line cut high into the riverbank. That allowed me some very good views of the Douro river and the various bridges. It’s a long and steep way down to the river and equally long and steep back up again! That’s why the funicular railway was built.

The ancient city of Porto commands the heights above the river and was of great strategic importance from pre-Roman times until the end of the 19th Century.

Porto is a very hilly city, sensible footwear advised!

For the second set of pictures click below

Porto trip part 2

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Trip to Porto March 2016

Part 1 – a very wet Wednesday in Porto. This is Portugal’s second city. Sometimes a rainy day is better to see a city. My day took in some parts of the city centre then a trip out to the coast and docks at Matosinhos and Leixões.

The city centre is quite run down in parts with many old commercial buildings boarded up and awaiting demolition. Even some in use are pretty shabby – this is the main public entrance to one of Porto’s important long distance bus stations!

But there are some good things to see like the Dom Luis 1 bridge

Garagem Atlantico Porto

Rest of the pictures

Part 2 follows.

Trip to Porto March 2016 – part 1

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Aerial photographs

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Not the best quality but a few pictures taken from out the aircraft window on my recent flight from Faro, Portugal to London Gatwick.

There is one picture that I cannot recall the location nor can I find it!

Any help appreciated.


Albufeira old town beach 2nd May 2014

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Albufeira old town beach 2nd May 2014

Albufeira old town beach 2nd May 2014


Tavira pictures

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Just a few pictures I took in Tavira yesterday afternoon.

I have one more set to publish from my UK trip which I shall do by the weekend.


Sines – my visit

A change of scenery was needed so I looked for a town that I hadn’t been to. About 100 miles north of Albufeira is the town of Sines, a port on the Alentejo coast. I knew it as the birthplace of the explorer Vasco da Gama and that it is one of Portugal’s biggest commercial ports but other than that it’s just a dot on the map.

Sines is far from being a holiday resort. Although it has a nice looking beach, it is one of Portugal’s biggest and busiest commercial ports. There is a large container facility, a liquid natural gas terminal, bulk liquids and petro-chemical terminals with the latter linked by a 50 metres wide mass of pipelines to a refinery a couple of miles inland. There is also a working fishing port.

The port is rail connected with container trains and bulk loads of coal leaving daily.

Sines lost its passenger rail service more than twenty years ago, so the only way for me to get there was by coach. I try avoid long coach journeys along bumpy roads but this one had the appeal of the trip along the scenic N120 road through relatively unspoiled countryside.

And at only €12.10 each way for a 3 hour trip from Portimão it seemed good value.

After leaving the coastal tourist area of the Algarve the route goes up into the hills passing through or by just a few small towns. Traffic is almost nil. Up and down hills, round sharp corners and switchbacks it’s a very pleasant run. Every now and then the coach would  pass through a small place where the elderly men sit on the benches, watching the world (or in this case me) go by with a look that says the passing of the coach is the most exciting thing that has happened in days, possibly weeks!

Arrival in Sines was ten minutes late but no matter. It was only a few minutes walk to the Sinerama Apartment hotel where I had booked three nights. Spent the first night catching up on email and listening to a football commentary. It was Manchester United’s game so that pleased me!

I spent the following day walking around town. The town sits on top of a cliff so to get down below means a stiff climb back up afterwards. I spent some more time in town the following morning then because it was raining I took a bus to the next town of Santiago do Cacém, of which more in the next post.

Here are links to the pictures I took in Sines. There may be one or two more to add.

Sines port

Sines old railway station -some very nice tile murals

Sines town and area

More in a day or two

Sines – my visit

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