Albufeira beach Saturday 5 January 2019

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Town beach on Saturday lunchtime. There were people sunbathing and paddling in the sea. The weather has been like this, 17 or 18ºC, for some while and is set to last at least another week.


Albufeira ready for the New Year’s Eve party!

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Pictures taken Sunday afternoon 30th December. It was a very nice day, temperature 18ºC, plenty of people enjoying a walk on the beach. There were even some mad people in the waves! The stage is set for tonight’s big NYE outdoor music and fireworks event. Around 80,000 people will be in town tonight.





Visit to Silves 22nd December 2018

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I have not been to Silves for a good while, so as my team Imortal of Albufeia was playing there it was a god opportunity to have a look around. Silves was the capital city of the Algarve ‘kingdom’ 1000 or more years ago.It has a cathedral and the remains of the castle on top of the hill above the more modern town. Here they are in the evening light from across the river valley.


Silves is a popular place for a day trip from the coastal resorts, especially in summer. Yesterday it was fairly bright and sunny, a few visitors were about.

The old bridge, it is not Roman as some would have you believe!


The river nearby was very sluggish and was coated with a green algae which the many fish seem to like.


The market hall is the building with the red pointed roof, across the street a more modern consumer venue on the site of a long derelict factory building.


Silves has a maze of small streets up on the hill. Unfortunately as with so many towns here a lot of the buildings are unoccupied and derelict. Some streets of tiny houses are however well kept, like this one.


I will bet that most you don’t have this in mid winter where you live!


The view from the north side of the old castle walls, looking over the orange groves and modern suburbs.


For more pictures please follow this link – Silves 22nd December 2018

And finally, sunset at the railway station while waiting for the train back to Albufeira.




Galé beach 14th December

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A morning picture taken by a friend on 14th December of Galé beach, looking west towards the shiny towers of Armação de Pêra.



Albufeira beaches 14th December

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It is only about 16ºC but a nice enough day for a walk along the beach. The sea was slightly rough. Update – a friend visited São Rafael beach to the west of town also today. Two pictures added at the end.

DSC07040It looks as if work is taking place to level out the sand. Certainly on the other side of the pier, as later images show, the sand is very low.





São Rafael beach, thanks Bob D.




Cats like the sun as well

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The semi-feral tribe that lives around the viewing platform above the main town beach were sitting in the sun this morning.



Albufeira town beach 7th December 2018

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Pleasant sunny morning, temperature around 18ºC.