Albufeira beach March 28th

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Temperature 24ºC, make the most of it as it will become a lot cooler over the next 48 hours! Beyond the pier you can see how much sand was taken away in the recent storms.

Back to work on Porto pictures!


Visit to Porto area, part two

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These pictures were taken over the course of Tuesday 20th March 2018. It was a windy day, quite cold but mercifully dry. I must learn to take not so many pictures!

I began in the Aliados, Praça da Liberdade area, up to São Bento railway station (cannot resist the interior) a quick poke around some back streets then a tram across the river to Jardim dos Morros in Vila Nova de Gaia. The best views of Porto and the river generally are from the bridge and the ‘other’ side of the river.

I also wanted to try out the fairly recently built cable car that runs down from Jardim dos Morros to the tourist boats and port wine lodges by the river. Strictly for tourists as it does start operation until 10.00am, the one way ticket is a slightly alarming €6, but at a fairly quiet time I had a car to myself so was able to take pictures from all angles. The trip is fairly slow, about 5 minutes from top to bottom.

I then walked for about 4 miles (6km) along the river bank through Vila Nova de Gaia, into the town of São Pedro de Afurada and right out to the mouth of the Douro river to the Atlantic Ocean. There are beaches there, but not inviting on a cold and windy March day!

I took a bus back, which after wending its way around various suburbs, crossed the tall Ponte Arrabida to the Boavista area. Then an easy metro ride back to where I was staying.

For a short visit to Porto, I recommend the Andante Tour ticket. I had the three day version for €15. It’s valid on all the metro lines even right out into the countryside, almost all the buses of all operators in and around the city, but NOT on the old trams and the elevator.

Part 3, more pictures from Porto, to follow within the next couple of days.


A few pictures from an afternoon out to Espinho and Aveiro.

Espinho is a popular seaside resort about 20km (12 miles) south of Porto. The beach is no doubt very inviting in summer, but on the day of my visit it was very windy and pretty cold. There was a junior surf pro competition under way. Espinho was at one time cut in two by the main Porto to Lisbon railway. Trains had to slow to a crawl because of many crossings. A few years ago the line was buried in tunnel, leaving a ‘green space’ above which has yet to be filled with anything meaningful. I spotted some old pictures on a mural. Espinho is easily reached from Porto by frequent local trains.

Then to Aveiro. Aveiro is a pleasant city with many canals. The old railway station is noted for its tiled murals, some of which are pictured in the album if ou click the box below.

They are unfortunately in a poor state of repair, with those on the front of the building in a pretty poor state. The area was cordoned off at the time of my visit, let’s hope these excellent pictorials are to be restored.

Finally, in this batch, a few shots taken inside the modern station.

I have a large number of pictures taken around the town itself. I will have these ready on Tuesday 27th.

Visit to Espinho and Aveiro March 2018

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There is a goat in town.

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Last day of my trip up north. I was in a town called Póvoa de Varzim, to the north of Porto when almost in the middle of town I stumbled upon a patch of ground about half the size of a football pitch that contained an urban farm of sorts.

All manner of livestock including, all say  aaaaahhhh!

goatI shall spend the journey home tomorrow weeding out the pictures from the past few days and will publish probably on Sunday.


Visit to Porto March 2018

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A while back I decided I would need a change from the same old faces down the pub every week, so booked a short trip to Porto. €66 return on the train, first class, booked in advance and now with my old person discount!

It has been bright and sunny, but also windy and cold. I walked for about 2 hours right out to the mouth of the Douro and the sea, so plenty more to come.

I took 108 pictures today, so a lot to sort through but here are just three to begin with.


This was spotted near the Jardim do Morro in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the bridge from Porto. I can only assume the owner has a ladder as I did not see any other way to get up there!

Near there is the upper end of the Teleférico de Gaia, a recent addition to the skyline. The cable car is not a means of general transport as it runs only tourist hours from 1000am and it’s expensive at €6, but you get some superb views up and down the river as well as down onto the warehouses below. (Most of the port houses are in fact in Gaia, not Porto.)


And here are the lion and eagle of Boavista brooding on top of their pillar.


I will add a link here to the photo album once ready. Will be a day or two as I am going to revisit Aveiro tomorrow, a nice place I have not visited for ten years.


Albufeira beach loses sand

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The loss of sand in the recent stormy weather is more obvious from this picture I took at Inatel hotel earlier this afternoon. The recent tides had come right up the wall.

The place where the two people are standing is normally covered with sand.


Parchal Stork City

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Almost forget about this. A few days ago, after football on a very grey day in Parchal, near Portimão, I spotted several nests perched precariously on the tops of disused factory chimneys and lighting poles. How do they do it?