Algarve Women’s Football Cup 2018

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The annual tournament featuring some of the World’s top teams gets under way on 28th February.


Admission to all games is free. Watch out for late changes to match times.

Wednesday 28th February

At Lagos Stadium

Portugal v China 1500hrs
Denmark v Iceland 1830hrs

At BelaVista Stadium, Parchal

Japan v Netherlands 1540hrs
Canada v Sweden 1900hrs

At Albufeira stadium

South Korea v Russia 1500hrs
Australia v Norway 1830hrs

Friday 2nd March

At the Algarve Stadium

Portugal v Australia 1500hrs
Russia v Canada 1900hrs

At Bela Vista Stadium, Parchal

Japan v Iceland 1525hrs
Sweden v South Korea 1900hrs

At Vila Real de Santo António

China v Norway 1500hrs
Denmark v Netherlands 1830hrs

Monday 5th March

At the Algarve Stadium

Japan v Denmark 1540hrs
Portugal v Norway 1900hrs

At Lagos Stadium

Sweden v Russia 1500hrs

At Albufeira Stadium

South Korea v Canada 1500hrs
Australia v China 1900hrs

At Bela Vista Stadium, Parchal

Iceland v Netherlands 1540hrs

Wednesday 7th March

Placement matches venues and times tbc, the Final will be at the Algarve Stadium ko 1830hrs.


January 23rd Albufeira

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What were you doing today? Here in Albufeira it was 19ºC, a sunny day and we were at bowls practice. Just a couple of pictures. If you fancy a game while here, go to for information.




I have been not well!

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More than a week of ‘flu like symptoms, unable to eat or even drink for a few days without extreme throat pain. The only advantage of being ill like this is that you spend no money and lose a lot of weight. I had hardly been outdoors until Friday.

I am starting to feel better but it s slow process, I do plan to be out this week as the social diary is fairly full!


The Algarve’s latest temple to Mammon

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I stopped off on my to Faro yesterday to take a quick look at the Algarve’s latest mall. It’s called Mar Shopping and is just off the A22 motorway near Loulé. It has all the usual suspects (except no sports shop) plus a huge IKEA store at one end. There is also a rather odd little outdoor set-up called Algarve Designer Outlet adjacent, laid out like the planners think an old fashioned high street should look. There were precious few customers there on a cold and windy Saturday afternoon, the consumerists preferring the indoor mall and its food court.

Next time you come here and wonder why that nice little village shop has closed, or even your favourite in town, this is why.

There is of course a massive free car park. As a nod to the few people who don’t have cars, there is a bus stop 150 metres from the main entrance. However, customer facilities are, shall we say, basic. Not even a shelter to keep people out of the rain while waiting for the bus, which runs once an hour at best.


Bus stop facility at Mar Shopping

The edifice itself in a few pictures





Up on a nearby hill, is this folly of a ‘house’ was built by an eccentric. I am sure there will be many curious looks cast in that direction.




Albufeira New Year’s Eve 2017

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Around 70,000 people were at the New Year’s Eve event. I wasn’t, having succumbed to a virus infection! There was also a giant ‘cake bake’ charity event in the town on December 30th in aid of the local volunteer Fire Brigade.

Some photos at scroll to bottom of the page.


Albufeira is getting ready for New Year’s Eve

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The town hosts a TV sponsored outdoor show with music and fireworks, broadcast nationally. Around 80,000 people descend on the town for a night of partying. There are plenty of people already in town, making a long weekend of it.

The stage is nearly ready.

Meanwhile visitors were enjoying some afternoon sunshine and, as you can see, children were happily playing in the sand.

It was a little brighter than the photo looks, this was at about 4pm today.


Albufeira sunsets

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This was taken by my friend Andrew on 1st October at Galé to the west of town

and this by me at 1722hrs December 22nd from my rooftop
I can do nothing about the crane on the building site opposite!

Hope you like them.