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Designer beer barrels?

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I didn’t know there were such things until I spotted these two outside the CAMRA beer tent at the cricket yesterday. Does anyone have any more?




Summer and a cricket match

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Cricket at Tunbridge Wells is one of the traditions of the local summer and one of mine as well. The weather is being kind. Here we see the scene

Top level cricket at grounds like these is fading out as clubs concentrate their matches in larger stadia. The garden party atmosphere of these events will sadly soon be lost.

Last day today and about eight barrels of beer to be consumed at the CAMRA beer tent.

Scenes from the final two days. For the record Kent won the match late in the fourth day thanks to some inspired bowling by team captain Joe Denly.








We don’t get the weather we used to!

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Among the chaos being caused by the very cold weather across much of the UK, not to mention the wet and windy weather that has been battering Portugal, I post this pictures taken at the railway station of my former home town, Tonbridge, in the early 1908’s as I recall.

Note the diesel locomotive pulling an electric train. We were snowed in for days. Staff couldn’t get to the depots or stations, I could barely get out of my front door which was 200 yards from where I stood, camera in hand. Don’t get the weather we used to.


Short visit to UK

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I have spent a few days in the UK, staying with friends in Eastbourne. Unfortunately most of the weather has been grey, raining and generally not very nice at all. Not worth removing camera from bag since the Tonbridge visit on Saturday. Returning home this evening.


Visit to Tonbridge 21st October 2017

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Back in the old home town to see the people, drink far too much beer and watch a football match. It was a very windy day with frequent heavy showers courtesy of Storm Brian.

Some pictures at!Am0w7qp9HCpqguwryr-6gcQDnRlUeQ



Tonbridge Castle

The gatehouse is the substantial remains of the 11th Century castle that protected the important bridge that crosses the River Medway.


Beachy Head and Birling Gap

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It was a very pleasant summer day yesterday, so with some spare time I took a walk up around the Beachy Head and Birling Gap, up among the Eastbourne Downs. They are the low chalky hills where the South Downs meet the English Channel. The well known Beachy Head and Seven Sisters cliffs are part of the scenery.

Between the two is an area known as Birling Gap. Some serious erosion is taking place here, with 10 metres of land being lost to the sea in a few weeks back in 2014. Large scale cliff falls are being recorded, one very large one nearby was recently caught on camera in June 2017 – see

I found of few older pictures of Birling Gap with which you can compare the more recent images.

It might have helped had I included the link to the pictures. Click below. <b

The view down to Eastbourne is great, I think even my picture taken on a basic camera shows that!

If you are in the area and don’t have a car, there are buses from Brighton and Eastbourne three times a day on weekdays and Saturdays, in summer the bus runs every hour on Sundays – search for the Brighton and Hove bus company website and route 13X. The Eastbourne sightseeing bus also goes that way, this runs in summer from Eastbourne Pier every 30 minutes.


Bye bye blackbird

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Well not quite. I cannot tell a blackbird from a crow, but anyway this specimen of a black member of the avian species was sat squawking above me at the cricket this afternoon. Stayed a couple of minutes, obviously didn’t think much of the game and flew off.

Some sense it had, the game petered out into a no-result draw, so I went down the pub.