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Canterbury, Kent, April 2019

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The main purpose of the visit was to watch cricket, Kent v Hampshire, in which my team Kent suffered a heavy defeat. I stayed in a B&B in the street called Wincheap. That’s a name the origins of which are lost in the mists of time, although the old English word ‘cheap’ means ‘a market’ so it’s highly likely some kind of market would have been held there, On the street are two of Canterbury’s oldest inns, dating back to the 15th Century.

Below the King’s Head, established in 1410 and noted as Canterbury’s oldest inn.


The Maiden’s Head is a little younger, dating from 1446.


There would undoubtedly have been many more until recent times. When the city gates were closed at night, travellers would be obliged to seek lodging in these inns until the gates opened in the morning. Similar inns can be found on the other roads leading into the city.

Wincheap also has many other old buildings still standing. These are just a few.


In contrast, Canterbury East railway station is very youthful, having been opened in 1860. The building is mostly the original. The station has around 1 million passengers each year.


Nearby and once more originally built in Roman times and rebuilt during the 14th century is a long section of the city wall with one of the watchtowers.


Traditional market stalls with colourful displays of locally grown fruit and vegetables can still be found in the city centre.


And finally scenes during the ‘half time’ interval on the cricket match. By that time it was starting to turn very cold, not like the weather we have enjoyed since!



Canterbury – some random images

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A few pictures taken over the past two or three days. Most of Canterbury has been photographed a million times.

All that remains of the Worthgate. The inscription on the panel is dated 1833, shortly after the demolition of the gate.


Probably because of the number of visitors, Canterbury still has more pubs than the average English city or town. These two are a little off the tourist trail, more authentic and worth a visit.


St Mildred’s Church, parts of which pre date the Norman invasion of 1066 although it has been extensively changed in more recent times, but not much for the last 500 years or so!


The river Stour flows through Canterbury in several channels. Until fairly recent times there were flour mills and tanneries within the city walls for which this was the water supply and power for the watermills.


The Zoar Strict Baptist chapel dates from 1854 and is one of the few buildings in that area to have escaped the destruction of the 1942 air raid. It is built into one of the bastions of the city wall.


Parts of the city wall and the bastions are restored and well preserved.


Not so the skeletal remains of Canterbury Castle. Dating from the late 11th century it is now closed to visitors because its crumbling walls.


One of the few streets in Canterbury that can be photographed without parked cars spoiling the view!


A traditional and colourful greengrocer’s stall in the High Street.




Canterbury, England

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A worthwhile trip so far. The team is winning, met old friends. It has been very windy as assorted storms pass overhead but we have had only a very few minutes of rain to affect the cricket match.


These recently constructed apartments offer a good view of the cricket. I was told that those on the top floor sell for around £500,000!


Something I didn’t know about Canterbury! Despite having been to the city many times, I have never seen this memorial. Hidden away in the back streets, it’s only because I am staying in a different place to the usual that I spotted it. The second picture below explains it.



The inscription does not say that they were Protestants, convicted of heresy. They came from all across the county of Kent, brought to Canterbury the county town. There were other burnings in the county, and throughout England, during the same period.

The memorial, which was erected in 1899, stands in Martyr’s Field, which at the time of the events was outside the city.


Two weeks in England

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I am back in England for two weeks, to watch the final matches of the County cricket season with my team, Kent, needing to win one game to guarantee promotion to the First Division. First game is in Canterbury where yesterday it was quite warm, 22ºC, but very windy owing the to the remnants of a tropical storm passing by.

Next week will be in Birmingha, where I have never been for a cricket match and where I have not been at all for about 20 years. Should be interesting on both counts as the match is against the top team in the Division (Warwickshire) and could be a championship decider, depending on the results of this week’s matches.


Canterbury and Faversham trip

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Managed to get the pictures out of the faulty camera, which is now off for examination as it is under guarantee.

Here’s a sample – click to see full size

A few more pictures at


So I arrive in the historic city of Canterbury for my annual week of the final match of the cricket season. Some hope! This was one of those days. Chucks it down for 15 minutes, then sunny, repeat, all day.

Didn’t even bother going to ground, keeping in touch via modern technology.

Too wet to even take many pictures. I did then find an excuse to partake in a few pints of Shepherd Neame Masterbrew ale and I found an outdoor clothing shop with a closing down sale, so bought a pair of decent walking sandals at less than half price. Silver linings and all that!

Old Butter Market Canterbury

Dark skies on and off all day.

dark skies  Canterbury

But the cathedral tower still looked good.

Old Butter Market Canterbury

Welcome to Canterbury, not.

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Canterbury and Havant September 2012

A few pictures taken this week in Canterbury, in the town and at the cricket. Also some from my trip to Havant on Saturday to watch the match between Havant & Waterlooville and Tonbridge (Blue Square League South).

Unfortunately Skydrive has once again seemed to have removed the function to sort pictures into a logical sequence, so I apologise for the fact that the subject matter is a bit jumbled in places.

The whole week has been hot and sunny, up to 26C, which is a miracle at the best of times for Southern England in early September, let alone after one of the wettest and coldest summers on record. But, true enough as I write at 7pm on Sunday night, the 9th, the wind is getting quite strong and there are a few spots of rain on the windows.

It was a good week on the sporting front. Kent won their vital game in the County Cricket Championship against Derbyshire. The final round of matches starts next Tuesday with Kent, Yorkshire and Derbyshire vying for two promotion places. But with more rain forecast the outcome could depend on the weather. As bad luck would have it, Kent’s last game is in Cardiff against Glamorgan, one that’s bound to be rained off if anything is.

While we were at Canterbury we heard that Kent’s 2nd XI had won their championship final.

And Tonbridge drew 2-2 at Havant, their fifth successive draw so it’s unbeaten in five games but also seven games since the start of the season with no wins.

Off back to Portugal in the morning.

Canterbury and Havant trip September 2012

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