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Cats like the sun as well

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The semi-feral tribe that lives around the viewing platform above the main town beach were sitting in the sun this morning.



Albufeira local residents

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Enjoying some afternoon sun near the beach on Thursday afternoon.


Albufeira Marina 4th December 2017

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…and some sea. My upstairs neighbour is laying tiles, much thumping required getting into them into place. So I went for a walk down to the marina, Sun was shining, it was a bit windy, about 16ºC. About half the cafés and bars were open and they had a few customers.

A couple of samples below, the rest at!Am0w7qp9HCpqgvgztFp0aI-Ez4-jBw


Albufeira wildlife

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Some of the tribe of cats that live up by the viewing platform over the Peneco beach. They were brought some food, which excited a few of them, but some were not too bothered!


Singapore high-rise cat rescue

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Silly pussy! How did it get there in the first place?

From the BBC News website (no sound)


Cowardy cats

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Cowardy cats

Members of one of the local cat tribes were not ready for a fight on Friday, when a couple of large gulls swooped down and helped themselves to their food. Can’t blame them perhaps. We all know how vicious gulls can be.


The striped one walked off, an angry expression on its face.


Sines – a happy cat and a happy slug?

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In advance of the main post. here a couple of pictures you might like.

Near the fishing port area of Sines some people have put out some old fish boxes and the like as homes for the local feral cats. Some kinder people even give the cats some nice fish to eat.


The cat certainly looked happy. Not far away I chanced upon this creature, making its way slowly across a little-used road. I wonder if he made it? I don’t see many of these in the Algarve.