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Albufeira Christmas Lights – updated 25/12

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Managed to get a few pictures of the very ornate lights at the other end of town. Here though the street lighting and other lighting from commercial premises makes it difficult to find good angles. Managed to get the mouse working again, sort of. The insides were a bit mucky after two or three years use! A good clean out and it seems to be working so i could edit these a bit to remove orange glow!

So, here are a few pictures from the ‘new town’ end of Albufeira taken on the evening of 23rd December.


Avenida dos Descobrimentos


Junction of ‘the strip’ and Avenida.

Below – Avenida dos Descobrimentos between bullring and strip – click to see larger size.


A little more practice and I have managed to get a few better quality pictures of the lights at the old town end. Click below to view. The pictures were taken between 1845 and 1915hrs – note how quiet the streets are. Most of the big tourist restaurants and bars are closed, awaiting the hordes next week. I went to the small bar called the Cavern to meet with a few of the other old miseries that live here, drink Old Speckled Hen, watch football and darts on TV. What an exciting life!

I do have a problem though in that my optical mouse is faulty so I cannot use the photo editing facility as well as I might. I cannot ‘sweep’ to select across text and images. Some pictures do have some unwanted instrusions. I will buy a new mouse.

An article on the local council website informs that 17.9 million LED bulbs were required to construct the various displays. I wonder who counted?

Tomorrow I will be at the other end of town and wil try for some more of their decorations.

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Our local council have spent a fair amount of money of stringing Christmas lights along the main road across town, plus a few others and also around the old town square. A few small pictures below, some didn’t come out too well using small camera so will try again later this week using the other, larger one. Click a picture to see it larger

I digress slightly perhaps, but they do have lights in the window. This is the popular leather bag shop called Kitanda, just off the square and a place I know that of lot of you like to visit!


Kitanda Leather goods store, Albufeira old town


One for the Road bar Albufeira is no more.

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Many of you will know of the bar ‘One 4 the Road’ in Albufeira. A popular haunt for many ex-pats and visitors, it is now permanently closed. The owner, a very pleasant chap called Alfredo Nobre, contracted cancer and after a year long struggle finally succumbed in October.

With his passing the lease to the premises ceased. The owners have taken it back. Yesterday I saw people working inside, changing everything. All signage has been taken down. What it will be no-one knows, but it will not be as it was. No more quiz nights or pleasant evenings watching the football etc on TV.

Flocks of people have been seen, searching elsewhere for alternatives.

Updated 2nd January – the premises have re-opened under new ownership as something called ‘Beer Time’. Luke said it looks like an ice cream parlour.


Back to rainy days

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Yesterday (Tuesday 13th) was a nice enough day but today I was woken at 7am by heavy rain, strong winds a few rumbles of thunder.

Here’s the main town beach area yesterday at around noon :

Albufeira beach 13th December 2016

Albufeira beach 13th December 2016

Albufeira Cais Herculano 13 December 2016

Albufeira Cais Herculano 13 December 2016

Not far away, streets are being dug out for new power lines and drains. This is the Rua Bairro dos Pescadores heading down towards the previous picture.

Rua Bairro dos Pescadores, Albufeira, 13th December 2016

Rua Bairro dos Pescadores, Albufeira, 13th December 2016


Imortal 2 -2 Quarteirense

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Algarve Cup match Thursday 8th December. Imortal lost 7-6 on penalties after it finished 2-2 in regulation time. Below, Quarteirense goalkeeper thwarts Imortal.


Imortal in red foiled

And at the end of the 90 minutes this is what it all boils down to!


Ball on the spot


Goalkeeper waiting


Been ill, bad cold and chest infection!

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Albufaira dawn 8th December 2016

Albufaira dawn 8th December 2016

Recovering now thanks. This morning in Albfeira at 0728am.


Sewer and drain works old town Albufeira

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UPDATE 8th December

The local council has secured €15 million in funds for a two year project to completely rebuild the tunnel under the old town that takes the river and stormwater out to sea. The present tunnel  has deteriorated since it was built more than 50 years ago. Some repairs were made five years ago, but not sufficient to prevent the flood that devasted the old town centre in November 2015. The work will be mostly under ground, so pictures may be hard to come by!


Many of you will have read here and elsewhere of the devasting flash flood that hit the old town on 1st November 2015. Although the clean up work was quickly achieved, there remained the issue of the tunnel drain that carries the river and surface rain water through the middle of town.

The local council has started work on a scheme to improve various sections which means a lot of holes being dug!

This item on the forum will follow that work –

BUT they won’t get very far unless and until someone is made responsible for unblocking the roadside ditches, some of which have been clogged with mud and débris for years. Each time it rains hard, the water runs down the streets and into town instead of into the drains. Example :


Not so nice here today!

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Albufeira Beach 30 November 2016

Albufeira Beach 30 November 2016

Blustery wind, grey skies and fairly big waves. Not cold though, 17.2C at 1pm.

Local wildlife wasn’t too happy!

Most of it anyway! This cat had found a nice spot out of the wind.

Click below to see some more pictures taken on this grey day.