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Paderne castle walk

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Last Friday I took one of the walks that go from Paderne up by the river and to the castle ruins. I haven’t done that for a good while. It was a nice day, not too taxing other than one bit. It took me 1hr 10 minutes from the village up to the castle (I did stop to take pictures) and later about the same time going back a different way.

I have some pictures at
Click each picture to view full size and see ´caption´to the right.
There is a sub set of pictures in a folder called ‘Ruins’. Abandoned farmhouses are all over the area. Some still have furniture inside, even clothing. I even tripped over a box of shotgun cartridges, which are now in the care of Paderne GNR.
If you are thinking of doing the same, a few words of wisdom!
There are a lot of variations to the paths. Some stretches require walking over sharp stones, so have thick soled footwear! The first sign at the village car park has been vandalised, so the easiest way to pick up the route I took is to walk back down past the cemetery and sports hall and bear left at the junction towards the Fonte de Paderne.
After that the route is signposted. If you see two red and yellow lines on a signpost crossed, that is not the way!
Beyond the bridge there is no longer an actual path. You can either double back and take the obvious one up the hill towards the castle, or do what I did and follow your nose up a near vertical climb among loose and jagged rocks. Perhaps not the best idea when I think about it.
Take water etc as there is nothing on the way. The interior of the castle is not accessible to the public, but you can climb over the wall apparently.
The paths start at the Paderne football ground where the buses from Albufeira stop and where there is a large free car park. There are two or three places to eat and have a well earned beer or two quite close by.
There are downloadable but rather poor quality maps of the three routes at the Paderne parish council website


Tonight’s sunset in Albufeira

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From outside my apartment, a quick grab of the camera just before the sun completely slid behind the clouds.


Albufeira sunset 20th January 2017


Snow in the Algarve!!

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Some snow was seen to the north and east of Faro this morning – videos

There was no snow here, but the temperature didn’t rise above 8C all day and it is expected to be as low as 2C tonight.



Lunchtime in the Algarve, January 2017

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A group of us went for lunch on Wednesday at a place in Algoz. After the main courses(s) we moved out onto the terrace for more wine, desserts and coffee. Very nice it was too.

Lunch in Algoz 8 January 2017


Not much going on, I am still alive!

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It’s a quiet time of year, people slowly recovering from the excesses of Christmas and New year celebrations. There are a few long stay winter holidaymakers here, currently enjoying the sunshine. It hasn’t rained here for a month and although it getting colder (14C today as iw rite) it is still a lot better than Northern Europe and Canada.

On more mundane notes, my laptop ncomputer has failed and is currently being repaired. More money,more expense. And Hewlett Packard’s devious method of preventing the use of replacement print cartridges means I cannot print until I go to the shop and fork out €€ € for a genuine one.

Oh and why is so slow to respond at times? First log in often takes three or four minutes.

Added – there must be something wrong with the sea today! I went down to the bus stop and the ornamental pond thing was full of gulls, washing their feathers and having a paddle. That dolphin will need another cleaning job soon. (The fountains were switched off by the way.) Apologies for quality, taken with phone. The white buildings behind are the doomed Oceanville resort complex.




Ajax at Ferreiras, Albufeira, 7th January 2017

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Teams from Holland, Germany etc come down to the Algarve for ‘training camps’ during their 3 week winter break. They play ‘friendly’ matches between each other and this year we had a good match up between Ajax and RB Leipzig. Ajax are currently 2nd in the Dutch League, Leipzig are 2nd in the German Bundesliga. It was a pretty good game, full on, at least three players were cautioned and the ref was generally kept busy. Ajax won 5-1, which featured a hat-trick from Younes. The crowd was estimated at 900, including fans from both teams and a good number of locals. It was a nice sunny day. The bar was kept busy as one might expect. Click the box below for some pictures.

There is a six minute video highlights clip at – if you can get it to open! The game was broadacast live on Dutch and Portuguese TV, this is their footage.

That game was preceded by a game between the Ajax ‘B’ team and Excelsior Rotterdam from the Dutch Second Division. A very hesitant show by Ajax, they were more concerned with keeping the ball than doing anything with it. Excelsior were much more powerful on and off the ball. Ajax ‘keeper was Tim Krul . Krul is still officially a Newcastle player but is  on loan to Ajax, who apparently have banished him to the reserves. His cause won’t have been helped by two horrible mistakes, including being lobbed from about 40 metres while wandering about on the edge of his penalty area.

Not a bad day for €7,50 covering both games.


Last day of 2016 – updated again

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Horrible scenes in the Cavern on New Year’s Eve and some shots of the firwork display.


I had to go out for a a short while this afternoon so I took the camera with me. Bright sunshine, about 15C, a little windy and the light was very good. In town, final preparations were under way for the big New Year’s Eve event. A few pictures I took.

The rest here :

An eventful year! Thanks to everyone who visits for the many positive comments and feedback. I hope your 2017 will be a good one. For me, the milestone of birthday number 65 will be reached in September and Her Majesty’s Government will be giving me lots of extra money to spend on beer!

The big New Year’s Eve event here in Albufeira attracts tens of thousands for the music and midnight firework show. The weather forecast is good, so depending on the amount of this I get down tonight, I may have some pictures to show tomorrow.


Happy New Year in advance.