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Albufeira flood update 13th November

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A few more places have re-opened for business, including Rock Café, Urban Pizza and A Maré. Slowly but surely things are getting back to normal. However the people at Vertigo bar say they won’t be open until January.

The beach canyon near the pier has now been filled in.

I will have a good look around on Monday afternoon 16th and update fully.


Albufeira flood update 11th November.

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The clean up and rebuilding operations are going well. The continued warm and dry weather is certainly helping.

The main road into the old town, Avenida da Liberdade is having to be completely rebuilt. In addition, power and phone cables are having to be relaid. Water mains are being replaced.

A few shops and cafés along the wide part of the Avenida are now open, but beyond there into the square and through the old town almost everywhere is still closed. Many restaurants and bars would not normally be open in November anyway.

Basement car parks are being pumped out. Many businesses are still drying out.

The beach is being reshaped to fill the canyon caused by the floodwater. Tides are high at this time of year and there is a slight risk of seawater coming into town which would be no good at all.

Away from the major impacted area, business is already back to normal.

I have updated my status map as below. Click to view full size.

I have also added some pictures to the album at – the caption will tell you where to begin. Click to view.

I probably won’t be in town again until Monday.


Albufeira flood update 9th November

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I will do a bigger update on Wednesday, but just quickly I noticed on my way to the shops this afternoon that machinery was busy tearing down the overhanging bank above the Avenida da Liberdade, opposite the car park. Someone obviously thought water cascading down that hill is a problem.

Albufeira Avenida da Liberdade 091115

There is no longer a GNR road block at the top, although there are still barriers part way across. You can walk or cycle down ok through the relatively undamaged car park. One or two cars were doing likewise but obviously can go further than the car park.

Meanwhile, let’s hope something is done soon about this. In the 250 metres or so along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos from the Dolphins to the Dois Mundos roundabout, five of the seven drains were blocked. This is not new blockage either, plants are sprouting in the clay that has been there for months, if not years.


Albufeira flood update 7th November

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Albufeira flood update 7th November

I have added the pictures taken at lunchtime today to the album at

The caption will tell you the start point. I have now been able to caption the pictures.

The loudest noise in town was the sound of industrial dryers. The warm and dry weather is helping the clean up. A couple of the chinese shops were busy hosing down their plastic shoes so they can put them back in stock. Squads of cleaners were descending into basement car parks.

The escalators are not working but can be used. GNR are no longer stopping people walking down into town, in daytime at least. There are a few piles of sand and rubble to be moved, but most has gone. Reconstruction of the washed away road is proceeding at pace.

It’s difficult to say when everywhere will be open, that wants to be. A friend´s reckoning of a week or so for some seems about right to me, but larger places have more to do and more to put back together.

The flag of Albufeira flies!


Albufeira flood update

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I walked through the affected area around 945pm last night. Cleaning up operations were winding up for the day. There is a still a thin layer of mud but this is gradually being washed away by light rain or hosepipes.

Earlier I saw damaged cars being removed from basement car parks.

All the  major debris has now been moved. Restaurants, bars and shops are still closed while they await new furniture, fittings and stock. Such things do not appear overnight.

The expectation here is that those that would normally open in winter will be open in perhaps two weeks, maybe less. A major priority is to get everything ready for New Year’s Eve. This includes repairs to the beach where several thousand cubic metres of sand were washed away.

I will be taking photos tomorrow (Saturday) morning.


Albufeira flood – the aftermath- updated 4th November

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Pictures taken on Monday 2nd November

Further pictures added from 3rd and 4th November. Also, this topic at the forum is being updated daily.


Albufeira flooded 1st November 2015

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Albufeira flooded 1st November 2015

Those who know the geography are aware that the old town area of Albufeira is surrounded by steep hills. Until about 60 years ago a river ran through what is now the popular tourist area of the old town. When it rains like it did yesterday, the river regains its natural course rather than flow through the tunnel under the town.

Pictures from the old town area of Albufeira Sunday afternoon 1st November.

This one was taken a couple of hours before the flood reached its height.

Albufeira flood Police and firemen on the way to rescue a person trapped in a building.


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