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Algarve Women’s (Soccer / Football) Cup 2015

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This year’s tournament has provided some excellent entertainment featuring many of the top women’s teams in the world and all free of charge. This year it is essentially part of the preparation programme for the World Cup to be held in Canada later this year.

Here’s some words and pictures from the games I have seen so far. There are two more here tomorrow, featuring Brazil, Swizterland, Norway and Denmark. The final will be between France and USA at the Algarve Stadium


Salgados Lagoon second try

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I managed to get down there yesterday afternoon after a bad few days of blocked air vents, broken glasses and an horrific bill from the dentist!

I was wondering why the air vent from my bathroom did not seem to be doing much. With a neighbour’s help, we prised the vent cover off the wall and all sorts of debris fell out. Digging around a bit inside we dragged out all manner of stuff, including the remains of two plastic bags, which seemed to have been chewed by rats or mice to make a nest.

The cowboys who built the place back in the 1970’s hadn’t properly installed the ductwork, leaving a gap between pipe and wall sufficiently large for creatures great and small to move around. Some several hours work of hacking and filling later, the duct is now properly sealed, terminated and behind a new grille cover. Up on the roof we made the pipes higher to get a better draw of air.

So seeking some respite from toil, I jumped on the bike yesterday afternoon and went back to Salgados. This time I made sure I had some charged batteries.

The lagoon is very full and there were lots of birds of different shapes, sizes and colours doing whatever birds do to enjoy themselves on a sunny day. There were plenty of people out as well, including two fairly brave souls on the beach in bikinis. It wasn’t that warm in fact it got quite windy.


Salgados Lagoon 3rd March 2015

The full set is here. I have not yet been able to caption them as the Microsoft One Drive site is messing me about.



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I have been a bit busy lately plus having had a bad cold. I went down to the Salgados lagoon on Tuesday intending to take some pictures. Having arrived there, I realised I had forgotten to charge my camera batteries! I shall try again tomorrow, Friday.

For the time being, I can tell you that the lagoon is very full with a large number of birds of many species on and around the water. It was a nice sunny day. Plenty of people were down there enjoying a walk on the beach and watching the birds. The beach café was open.

Today, here is my mention of the mundanity of everyday life. Over the past couple of weeks I have come to realise that I have many socks in the drawer, but few pairs! So, this afternoon, I sat down in front of a huge pile of socks! About an hour later I have half the quantity and a plastic bag is filled with assorted items for the recycling bin.

Have you ever done that?


Some more pictures

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Some pictures I took on a walk around the marina area last Thursday and some of the beaches. It was a nice sunny day but windy, so the people on the beach were well wrapped up.

The picture below is of the fishermen’s harbour to the west of town.


It’s cold here!

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We have had several days now of very cold weather, by our standards at least. Daytime temperatures have been no higher than 13 or 14C, at night it has fallen to 4 or 5 C in some spots. That’s 3 or 4C below normal February numbers. I blame Spain, the wind is coming from there!

It’s nice enough if you can be out of the wind, but not so if sitting watching a football match in the teeth of a gale as I have been!

Picture below was taken Friday lunchtime. The first blossoms are appearing on the trees despite the cold weather. The big building is the Hotel Montechoro.


Trees coming into flower


Paderne – some pictures

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Paderne is a village a few miles to the north of Albufeira. It’s a quiet place as a whole, although the football club (my reason for being there) is a busy little place and obviously a social centre for the village

Just a few pictures on a dull day that was also rather windy.


Potholes in Albufeira’s roads

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The very poor condition of some of the local roads and streets around town is exercising minds at the moment.

If you visit Portugal, read this thread on the furm


Estrada dos Caliços Albufeira


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