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Albufeira marina on a sunny February day

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I took a short walk down to the marina on Sunday afternoon before spending some time in one of the local dens of iniquity drinking beer and watching football.

It was sunny and 19C but a bit windy. There were plenty of people enjoying a walk around, sitting outside the bars and children having fun on roller skates, segways and rollerboards.

A few more at


Rainy days here in Albufeira

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Not much chance to be out and about this week. We have had several days of fairly wet weather, and some foggy days also.

A typical view from my window.

Nicer weather is due from Tuesday and on Wednesday I have to go to Portimão, so I will take the opportunity to take some pictures around the city.


Free range?

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Along the back road towards Algarve Shopping yesterday afternoon.


Some nice colours

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Everything is green after the recent warm and wet weather, yellow too.
Taken on the way towards Algarve Shopping on Tuesday afternoon.


Strawberries in January

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Copied, without repentance, from a post I made today at!

Here’s something you don’t see in the UK in January – strawberry picking in the open air! This is called Várzea de Quarteira, but it’s in Albufeira legally as it’s on the road between Açoteais and the Alfamar resort.

Cobbled together from three pictures.


Another sunny day in Albufeira

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It has been another sunny day here in Albufeira. People were sunbathing on the beach and around the hotel pools.

The wind was a bit strong, but in a sheltered spot those from the frozen north could believe it was springtime, not mid-January. Certainly I have watched cricket in temperatures colder than today. We had 17C this afternoon.

Two pictures taken this afternoon at Praia da Oura, on the eastern side of town.

Certainly the flowers think it is springtime. Same area, same time.


Albufeira marina 12th January 2016

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It has been a very nice sunny day (16C this afternoon) so I went for walk around the marina where I haven’t been for a few weeks. A new ten pin bowling alley is under construction which will please both tourists and locals for sure. The sunshine was making everything look nice.

Some pictures at – here’s a sample.


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