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Albufeira Marina 4th December 2017

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…and some sea. My upstairs neighbour is laying tiles, much thumping required getting into them into place. So I went for a walk down to the marina, Sun was shining, it was a bit windy, about 16ºC. About half the cafés and bars were open and they had a few customers.

A couple of samples below, the rest at!Am0w7qp9HCpqgvgztFp0aI-Ez4-jBw


Albufeira beach 30th November 2017

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It has turned a lot colder! This morning a 8am it was only around 7ºC, about 8ºC cooler than the same time on Wednesday. Cold, dry, air is coming from the north ie inland.

Sorry if this is making you feel worse. I know a lot of you are in cold places, but as it was such a bright sunny day, I could not resist taking a few pictures on my way to the shops.

It was a little windy, temperature around 15ºC, a nice healthy walk along the beach perhaps? In the first picture you can see the canyon carved on Tuesday by the water coming from the storm drain outfall.


Rain! Big rain!!

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Sky to the south of  Albufeira 1710hrs Tuesday 28th November 2017.


Black clouds to the south of Albufeira

The green and white building is the boat repair shed at the Marina. The houses on the ridge above are among the most expensive and desirable in the town.


Visit to Estombar 25th November 2017

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A short trip by train to the town of Estombar to watch an Algarve League football match between Carvoeiro United and Albufeira’s team Imortal. A nice afternoon out, particularly as Imortal won the game 4-0. Also, now that I am past the magic age, I can go half price on the trains. The 34 minute trip cost me just €1,50 each way!

Match report and some pictures of the game for any sports fans at – scroll down the page please.

Meanwhile, some trip pictures, just for a bit of practice with my new camera really. It has a million functions, most of which I have no idea of!


Albufeira – Ferreiras Railway Station



Estombar – Lagoa Railway Station


The small town of Estombar with its distinctive water tower

Something we don’t want to see around here but it was obviously a controlled fire! This is just by the large Slide ‘n’ Splash amusement park, which is now closed for the winter.


A part of the town near the school has strange little metal statues. These are just two.


Estombar statues

Some goalmouth action from the game. The Imortal goalkeeper, in blue, was rarely troubled and what he had to do, he did competently. Defenders are in red shirts.

They have conceded only two goals in their last six games, but all but one of those were against teams below them in the table.


Imortal’s fourth, scored with his head by number 22, captain Pedro Rodrigues.



Albufeira beach 19th November

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One of several I took around 1500hrs / 3pm Sunday 19th November. Link to the others below the picture.

Temperature was 21ºC.

Here’s the rest including a couple taken in the town.

Click the picture and when the album opens click a picture to see larger size or watch slideshow.


Charitable support for our local Fire Brigade

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Charitable support for our local Fire Brigade

Albufeira’s local fire brigade are mostly volunteers and part-timers. They do not receive anything like the required funds from the local authorities, so must embark on their own fund raising efforts.

I am a member of Balaia Bowls Club. That’s outdoor bowling on grass, not ten pin!

The Club’s chosen charity is that fire brigade. Most club members are permanent residents, so appreciate the work the firefighters do for the community. Several of Albufeira’s firefighters were recently drafted and sent to the centre and north of the country to assist local teams during the mass outbreaks of forest fires. All is now calm thankfully. But it goes to show how valuable they are to us

This year, the Club raised just over €10,000 for that cause. Here’s a picture from the official presentation at the end of October. The cheque was for monies raised during a 24 hour bowling marathon. The balance was made up through club fines (wrong bias!) also donations, raffles etc.

There’s some background and more pictures at

If you are a bowler looking for a game while on holiday, or just want to try your hand, we welcome visitors on Tuesdays and Friday mornings at 0945am for a 1000am start. We are open almost all year around. More information, contact details, location map etc at

We are located at Balaia Golf Village, a little to the east of Albufeira itself.


Albufeira – sunny November days

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Monday 6th November at lunchtime. Sun loungers still out, people enjoying the beach in 21ºC of sunshine. Not bad at all for early November. The couple of rainy days last week are almost forgotten!