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Some more fairly uninteresting pictures of Albufeira

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EDIT 19 January – added a few pictures to the album below and not just of potholes.

I was out and about on Friday, taking my camera with me as I wanted to start a pothole topic on another forum.

The poor condition of many of the streets around town is causing concern, as it is positively dangerous on a bike or motor bike along some roads. Riding on a bus brings great danger of your internal organs being re-arranged and quite likely the bus breaking an axle.

We did have one important street resurfaced last week but there is plenty more work to be done as the first few pictures will show. Local elections are coming up later this year so I would expect at last some effort to be made to clear up the worst.

I also took some pictures down at the Praia da Oura (Oura beach) area but it was raining. Then there are some general pictures of various parts of town that don’t often get photographed, taken while I walked back home. The parts where the people live who wait at table and work behind the bar when people come on holiday. And a couple of the nicer bits.

One thing I also noticed yesterday is a big drop in property prices being advertised in the local estate agents. Reductions of 10% on the original price are common, even 20% can be seen. A 90m space 2 bed apartment can now be had for €70,000 and a six bed villa for €250,000. That latter price would barely buy a two up, two down hovel in my former home town of Tonbridge, Kent.

Here are the pictures.


A boring set of pictures

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After all the excitement of New Year’s Eve and high drama in the Algarve Football Fantasy League when, at the last moment, I was denied first place at the halfway point and thus €300 prize money it’s back to the normal stuff of life.

It was Eden Hazard’s fault. When he scored on New Year’s Day in that Spurs v Chelsea match it put another team above me on goal difference and I could nothing about it! So I won only €200.

So I thought, why not be totally boring and take a few pictures on my 25 minute walk to the shops.

Not quite the normal as I broke off to attend a dentist appointment and she kept me waiting 40 minutes past the appointed hour!

Here they are, what I go past once every few days on my way to the supermarket.


Albufeira New Year’s Eve 2014 DAYTIME PICTURES

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Everyone’s getting ready for the big NYE party here in Albufeira. The stage is up, bars are getting last minute deliveries, outside bar counters are being laid out (none of that British nonsense here, beer is readily on sale until the early hours) and sound systems are being cranked up. The music will go on all night.

It’s been a really nice day, 16C / 61F at lunchtime. It will be fairly cold tonight, by Algarve standards, but dry so everyone will be able to enjoy their night out.

Here are a few pictures taken at lunchtime on this sunny day. For those of you not here and who would wish to be, just grind your teeth.



My local team goes big time

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Last Saturday I and a visiting friend had the surreal experience of watching our local team in Albufeira (they go by the name Imortal) playing a match in the large Algarve Stadium.

Imortal play in the fourth tier of Portuguese footbal (Soccer to any US readers) where attendances don’t often exceed 100. It was an away match against Farense B, the reserve team of SC Farense (Faro’s team) whose first XI play in the second tier. Their normal ground was unavailable due to their JUNIORS having a national league match, which takes precedence.

So, for whatever reason, they couldn’t find anywhere else to play so off we went to the Algarve Stadium on a wet afternoon. There were 26 fans in the ground at kickoff time. That swelled to about 80 as they were still coming in 20 minutes after the start! Six miles is after all a long way to come from Faro itself.

Algareve Stadium with Imortal Albufeira

The stadium holds 29,000 and is used once or twice a year for Portugal international matches and is also currently being used by the Gibraltar FA for their home matches in the Euro 2016 championships. Next year they will host Germany, Scotland and Ireland here. These are guaranteed to be full houses, which should bring the Gibraltarians some much needed income. I should expect that the hoteliers and bar owners of the Algarve will be fairly pleased with the thought of around 20,000 assorted extra customers for two or three days outside the main holiday season.

I would imagine that Farense has some kind of special arrangement with the stadium. Admission was a token 1 Euro. Normally in this League admission is €2,50 or about the price of a beer. There is no way they could afford to hire the stadium at a commercial rate, when you consider that in the second tier of Portuguese football their average attendance so far this season is just 775, fewer than most teams in the Football Conference (5th tier) in England and a lot less than the 1,600 or so who watched Maidstone United in the 7th tier last Saturday.

I would like to have finished by saying we won a glorious victory, but it was not to be. It wasn’t a very good game overall. No goals by half time but in the second half Farense B stepped up a gear and their very good left winger tore our defence to pieces. Final score was three – nil to Farense with goals that were, to use that old cliché, worthy of a higher stage.

For those who may be coming to a game at that stadium, it is situated in open countryside about 6 miles / 10km from the city of Faro in the direction of Loulé. There is no public transport suitable for evening matches but there is a free car park for 5,000 cars. Here’s a map.


Albufeira 12th December – some assorted pictures.

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Although it’s the middle of winter, there are still a lot of nice natural colours to cheer up those people stuck in frozen wastes. A few pictures i took earlier today here.

The beach was almost deserted.

Albufeira Beach 12 December 2014

except for some of the local animal population

cat no ears 1

cat no ears 2

This one’s obviously not a scaredycat
not a scaredycat
I couldn’t get these to smile at all.


Albufeira Friday 5th December 2014

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Albufeira Friday 5th December 2014

It was a nice sunny afternoon, so I took a walk along the beach and cliffs from Albufeira to Praia da Oura, then a bus up to Montechoro as I wanted to be nosey and see what was being built on a building site I can see from the stadium. Villas are being built for a mere €290,000 with a splendid view of the stadium, its floodlights and football pitch, next to the indoor sports hall and skate park and just around the corner from a large middle school.

I will bet the punters will be flocking to that one!

Here are the pictures I took. I hope you like them.


Albufeira is wet

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Not unusual for the time of year but we could still do without quite so much rain falling! The view from Páteo at about 1615hrs today, 28th November.

Albufeira storms

Last night was very wet and windy, some minor damage was caused to a neighbouring property. Much more is on the way.


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