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Albufeira 26th May 2016

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…but first a few previously unpublished pictures from Albufeira’s beaches and Marina area taken on 26th May.


Albufeira in June

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We have had a very hot few days, temperatures exceeding 30C and up to 35C. The beaches have been busy as have the various water sports.

Credit to ‘Big Col’ from the forum for the last two pictures.

We also had a big motorcycle rally over the weekend. Around 3,000 bikes it was said. They set off on Friday for a run to the other end of the country.


Albufeira beaches 4th June

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Went for a walk Saturday afternoon from one end of Albufeira to the other. It was a nice sunny day but very windy.

Some more, click below.


More sunny days in Albufeira

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Summer is well and truly here. 27C yesterday, I went out on my bike for a couple of hours on a task, but took a few minutes at a couple of the beaches to the west of the town.

Praia do Castelo

Praia São Rafael


Albufeira late May

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A few weeks before the summer season, yesterday there were plenty of people on the beaches on a nice sunny day.

Links to a couple of posts I made today at showing some sunny beaches, activities on the water and local wildlife.


The sun is back in Albufeira!

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Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon. 25C and sunny.

The main beach in town, the Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s beach)

The Praia da Oura, where the heavy seas of recent weeks have eroded the sand considerably.


Out at last! Off to Salgados

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Finally a day with only a brief shower. I haven’t been to the Salgados lagoon area for a while, so it was on the bike for a couple of hours earlier. It was windy but otherwise a nice afternoon. The recent very wet weather has filled up the lagoon except that I think the sand bar might have been breached – basically the lagoon overflowed into the sea. It is filling up again but one area is still pretty lacking in water.

Here’s one picture I took  – the wading birds are happy in the mud. and here are the rest