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Weather contrasts!

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This picture was taken this morning by someone I know about 5km inland from Vilamoura.

And this one by me in Albufeira a little after 5pm. It was fairly cold though, 14ºC and it’s expected to be as low as 4ºC here tonight, colder inland.


Rain! Big rain!!

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Sky to the south of  Albufeira 1710hrs Tuesday 28th November 2017.


Black clouds to the south of Albufeira

The green and white building is the boat repair shed at the Marina. The houses on the ridge above are among the most expensive and desirable in the town.


It rained!

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Last night (November 2nd) we had the first noticeable rain here since the middle of May. There were two or three heavy showers, including one just when I was about to go out of the door to meet some people in town. The local weather bureau reported that October 2017 was the hottest and driest October since modern records began 87 years ago. There was barely a day when it didn’t hit 30ºc (86F) which pleased the record numbers of tourists but not us who live here, watching almost everything green going brown and dying.

We still need a lot more rain through the winter to avert possible water supply problems next year. We did have a couple of short showers here earlier and a fairly evil looking cloud passed by to the south on its way to rain on people to the east of Albufeira.


Short visit to UK

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I have spent a few days in the UK, staying with friends in Eastbourne. Unfortunately most of the weather has been grey, raining and generally not very nice at all. Not worth removing camera from bag since the Tonbridge visit on Saturday. Returning home this evening.


Summer in England, well almost!

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I am staying this week with friends in Eastbourne (East Sussex, south coast of England) while travelling to and from the London suburb of Beckenham to watch Kent cricket.

Monday in Beckenham

It didn’t actually rain though, but it was rather dark.

The weather until today has been cloudy and windy, but today the sun was out, temperature reached 27ºC, which was apparently a little hotter than Albufeira where I live.

It’s not expected to last long. Rain is coming for tomorrow morning, which may disrupt the tennis at Wimbledon also.

I will have a few more pictures at the weekend.


Hot and sunny here in Albufeira

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We are enjoying a spell of very warm weather with daytime temperatures up to 30ºC (86ºF) which is way above the average for this time of year. Work to do today but tomororw I am taking a day out to Portimão and up into hills and the popular tourist venue of Monchique. I haven’t been there for years. There will be some pictures on Tuesday.


Some aerial shots on the way home

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Not very good quality, but I had my camera in hand so took a few shots of things that caught my eye on the flight from London Gatwick to Faro.

Selection – some pretty patterns on the sea just south of the Brittany coast of France


The town of Olhão as we come in to land.


We pass low over old city area of Faro just before landing.


Some more!Am0w7qp9HCpqgscYG_Ad1pDVxxa5XA