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Visit to Vila Real de Santo António

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Took a worthwhile trip from Albufeira to the border town of Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) on Saturday. My main reason for the journey was to see my local football team in action there but by co-incidence the weekend was also the occasion of the annual festival in VRSA. The whole of the main road is closed off to allow dozens of market stalls, fairground rides and food sellers to set up shop. And to add to that is the regular Saturday morning antiques market, so a very busy day. The town was teeming with people, many of them from across the river in Spain. Restaurants and bars were doing a roaring trade.

Upside was a 1-0 win for my team and the purchase of a decent camera tripod for €10 at one of the ‘junk’ stalls.

Downside was the serious vandalism on the trains I took. As (bad)luck would have it, the same train was used for all four legs of my trip. It had been so badly smothered in graffiti that most of the windows were completely painted over, making it impossible to see out. As there are no announcements (audible or visual) on these trains several people were left wondering where they were!

This is said train on arrival at Vila Real.

trains-141018-DSC06939 and this is the INSIDE!
Unfortunately the railway has no secure overnight storage facilities and does not seem to believe in security at all, so the trains are left out in the open at the mercy of the local schoolchildren. They wonder why people are reluctant to use them!

On a better note, the town’s festivities were very popular on a sunny day.

VRSA-141018-market (7)

Some more pictures here.


A short day out to Vila Real de Santo António

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My upstairs neighbour was indulging in a spot of very noisy DIY, much hammering and bashing, so I took myself out on the train to the easternmost town in the Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António. It’s only €15,50 return for the 90 minute trip. I also wanted to try out my new small camera. The shop agreed the original was not repairable. As it was still under guarantee, I was offered the current model if I paid the 99 cents difference in the price!

As it has 25% more pixels and a better zoom lens, I accepted.

The sun was very low in the sky and there was a lot of cloud. I think the camera is rather more sensitive than the one I had before and several pictures came out rather dark. Something I shall have to work on.

I plan to go down to Albufeira beach tomorrow (Friday) and see what I can get there.

Meanwhile, here are few pictures of Vila Real de Santo António. The fianl few will be only of interest to rail fans.


We are enjoying some really nice and sunny days at the moment. On Wednesday I took myself on the train to the eastern end of the Algarve, where I had not been for a few months.

The town of Vila Real Santo António sits by the River Guadiana, which forms the boundary between Portugal and Spain in the Algarve region. It’s a ‘new’ town, having been constructed in the late 18th century, after the earthquake and tsunami of 1755. It looks different to other Algarve towns, being laid out in a grid pattern an flat land.

Wikipedia article

Once an important fishing port and with a large canning industry, the town has had to adapt since the collapse of those industries during the 1970’s. Unfortunately for the appearance of town there are still visible the extensive ruins of the factories. Part of the old dock area is now a ‘parkingplatz’ for the motorhomes of the German, Dutch and Danish visitors to the area. The marina is home to around a hundred leisure craft.

Here are some pictures I took during my stop.  I hope you like them,

I stopped off in Tavira on the way back. Those pictures to follow.

Vila Real de Santo António January 30th 2013 visit

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