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We don’t get the weather we used to!

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Among the chaos being caused by the very cold weather across much of the UK, not to mention the wet and windy weather that has been battering Portugal, I post this pictures taken at the railway station of my former home town, Tonbridge, in the early 1908’s as I recall.

Note the diesel locomotive pulling an electric train. We were snowed in for days. Staff couldn’t get to the depots or stations, I could barely get out of my front door which was 200 yards from where I stood, camera in hand. Don’t get the weather we used to.


Visit to Tonbridge 21st October 2017

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Back in the old home town to see the people, drink far too much beer and watch a football match. It was a very windy day with frequent heavy showers courtesy of Storm Brian.

Some pictures at!Am0w7qp9HCpqguwryr-6gcQDnRlUeQ



Tonbridge Castle

The gatehouse is the substantial remains of the 11th Century castle that protected the important bridge that crosses the River Medway.


A strange little football ground

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While I was UK my former home town team played an FA cup-tie at Ascot United FC. Many of you will know Ascot as the location of one of the UK’s premier horse race courses, Royal Ascot and all that. Well the foootball ground is inside the racecoourse, making it one of the more unlikely places I have ever been to watch a game!

In the background to this photo you can see the seven furlong marker of the New Mile. this is the straight track which HM Queen comes down in procession when she attends the races there. (The goalkeeper is of Ascot United, being sent the wrong way by a Tonbridge penalty.)


Ascot United FC and the Racecourse

There’s a little gate in the fence so they can retrieve footballs. They cannot play when there is a race meeting on. The previous match had to be on a Friday evening, this game was played on a Sunday afternoon after a two day meeting had concluded.

Don’t go to Ascot after a two day meeting. The pubs in the town had been drunk dry by racegoers! Luckily the football club did have some to offer, although not of the preferred real ale variety.

The crowd was 430, comfortably the biggest attendance they’ve had. The result was a 2-2 draw, with the home side almost winning in the dying moments but a penalty was superbly saved by the Tonbridge goalkeeper.

The English FA Cup still has replays. That followed on the Tuesday after, which Tonbridge won comfortably 7-0.

The most recent cup tie was a 3-0 away win at Wingate and Finchley FC and the reward a third qualifying round match at home to Hereford.  Hereford FC was formed in 2014 after the demise of the established Hereford United FC and currently plays in the semi-professional Southern League South and West Division.

I am sure a large number of travelling fans will be heading to Tonbridge for a day out on 1st October. Their last home league game was watched by a crowd of 3102! They play in the eighth tier of English Football. They have more fans than several Superliga teams here in Portugal where I live. Only a couple of other teams in that league have crowds of even near 1,000. Most are much less well supported.

A couple of other pictures from Ascot.


Pre-match ambience at the ‘picnic area’ by the clubhouse and bar.


Tonbridge, in blue, score their first – you can just see the ball inside the goal behind the defenders.


Tonbridge pictures second instalment

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Some totally unexciting pictures of my former home town taken on 8th April.


Cold, grey and wet in Tonbridge

My first day and it’s been very damp, grey and not very warm. And it has been raining on and off. A toal contrast to Albufeira yesterday.

I haven’t been back to Tonbridge for 8 months and noticed some changes almost straight away. The railway station car park has gained an upper deck. Two massive cranes are towering over a huge new apartment dedvelopment on a former industrial site right in the centre of town.

The marketers of that development will surely not overook the fact that ‘opposite Waitrose’ is a major selling point. (For those who don’t know, Waitrose is seen as the upmarket UK supermarket chain.) It’s also 3 minutes walk from Sainsbury’s large supermarket and importantly for many prospective purchasers only 4 or 5 minutes walk from the railway station for those working in London.

It’s good to see old industrial areas being developed in this way and not being left empty.

Prices start at £205,000 if you are interested. See

I’ve borrowed a bike from friends for my stay. After an initial hitch when I discovered that the handlebars were loose, requiring a visit to a local bike shop, I set off on a little journey around some of the places I once rode around.

Not far, about 9 miles in all, but it was a bit hillier than I remember. Or is it me getting old? It was a grey day, drizzly and cold. The ride took me around the Tonbridge Sports Grounds, along the riverside tracks to the nearby village of Leigh and back into town via various country lanes.

Even a dank and fairly dismal day didn’t stop people being out and about on the first day of the Easter holidays. The children’s play area was busy, somne young people were playing tennis. I saw plenty of runners and joggers, not to mention properly dressed cyclists. Sensibly dressed people were out walking their children and dogs, in no particular order. Just out of town is the Hayesden Country Park, where numerous local men were out fishing. Their shelters were dotted around the various lakes, which were formed from old pits where gravel was once extracted.

The lakes have ducks, geese and at least one pair of swans plus diverse other aquatic birds.

Around the lake small children were getting wet and muddy playing on their bikes, something I didn’t think was allowed any more.

Anyway, it was a nice ride if a bit wet.

I managed to get a few pictures although it was too wet at some points. You can see them at

I am hoping for some better weather on Sunday when I next intend to be wielding a camera.

Cold, grey and wet in Tonbridge

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I am in my former home town for a few days. Yesterday I was enjoying sunshine and 25C in Albufeira, when I landed at Gatwick this afternoon it was 10C and thick cloud.

I will be out in the countryside tomorrow (Friday 3rd) , so maybe some pictures later in the day.

OK, here’s a quick picture now. As we came in to land at Gatwick, the plane wheeled almost over Tonbridge. I grabbed a quick picture out of the window. You can see the railway cutting across left to right, left centre are the green acres of the Sports Grounds, where I spent many a Saturday and Sunday and the red dot shows where I lived for 25 years.

The light coloured buildings right centre are modern industrial buildings. Above them in the corner is the River Medway meandering its way north-eastwards towards Maidstone, Chatham and the sea.

Click the picture to see full size. Not the best quality but it was a little misty and I was pointing a basic camera through an aeroplane window! I do have a few aerial shots but they need some more editing.


Visiting England

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Uncommonly nice weather in southern England

Apart from a thunderstorm in Southampton on Thursday morning that is! The sun has been seen, daytime temperatures are in the 22 – 24C range. Mornings are rather misty though.

I am now in Tonbridge for the weekend. Far too much beer will be consumed. My time will not be my own as I join old friends in the various sports venues and pubs.

I will have the opportunity early next week to upload some pictures from the week in Southampton, which I found to be rather more interesting than when I spend some time working there around 15 years ago.

Uncommonly nice weather in southern England

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