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Albufeira beach 24th May 2017

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Hot and sunny day for late May, 26ºc but started to get a little cloudy around 430pm, which is when these pictures were taken on the main beach in town.


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Sunny days still in Albufeira

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On Monday I was at a wedding and then reception party. I blame the bride’s father totally for my condition on Tuesday morning.

So yesterday afternoon I took a walk into town to try to clear my head and body. Failed dismally, had relapse around tea-time but I did manage to take a few pictures of the busy beaches. It was 26ºC, the beaches were busy with local people and visitors on Easter holidays.!Am0w7qp9HCpqgsB9gT6A_Dw8cEDCuw


Albufeira 12th April and 25ºC

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Fishing harbour


Boat trips entering and leaving the marina



Main town beach


Town beach from up by the lift looking east


Town Beach, Pier and Inatel Hotel

Town beach and Sol e Mar hotel


Spring in Albufeira

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Additional pictures now successully uploaded.

After several days of wet and windy weather, culminating in a squally storm on Sunday the like of which we haven’t had here in a very long time, the sun was out today. I took the opportunity for a couple of walks, not the least because new owners are now above me in the apartment block, not just one but two apartments. They are busy smashing down walls, stripping old tiles, ripping out old kitchens and generally making on hell of a racket. Can’t hear meself think at times. Anyway they have stopped now.

All these pictures were taken today, 28th March 2017

We will start with some nice colours.

The recent rain means there is a lot of water in the river that from here flows under the town and out to sea.

Everywhere there are insects buzzing around the wild flowers, doing what ever it is they do.

Not far from where these pictures were taken, a large area of what was to have been yet another holiday resort is gradually returning to nature. Not a brick was ever laid. For anyone who knows the areas, this is opposite the Eden Resort, about 1km out of town.

Nearby is the long established Clube Albufeira complex.

It’s on the left of this picture, which also shows the N395 road north towards Ferreiras.

And this is the Eden resort from a bit of a distance

Some views of the wooded hills near Páteo, not far from where I live.

And looking north past the retail park are the hills around Salir and Alte.


Albufeira Beach 25th January 2017

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A bit extreme perhaps but there were a couple of people on sunbeds down at the beach this afternoon! It was about 17C, wind was light.

Albufeira beach 25th January 2017

Albufeira beach 25th January 2017

Some other beach shots. A lone fisherman…

dsc03059The terrace at the Sol e Mar hotel


The beach looking east

Albufeira beach 25th January 2017

Albufeira beach 25th January 2017


Tonight’s sunset in Albufeira

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From outside my apartment, a quick grab of the camera just before the sun completely slid behind the clouds.


Albufeira sunset 20th January 2017


Lunchtime in the Algarve, January 2017

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A group of us went for lunch on Wednesday at a place in Algoz. After the main courses(s) we moved out onto the terrace for more wine, desserts and coffee. Very nice it was too.

Lunch in Algoz 8 January 2017