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Albufeira beach loses sand

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The loss of sand in the recent stormy weather is more obvious from this picture I took at Inatel hotel earlier this afternoon. The recent tides had come right up the wall.

The place where the two people are standing is normally covered with sand.


Tornado strikes Algarve

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On Sunday afternoon a small tornado hit land between Faro and Olhão. No serious injuries but it caused a lot of minor damage –

click these video clips to see footage from inside and outside the Forum Algarve Shopping centre at Faro :-

A travellers community of about 100 people had their camp destroyed. Elsewhere high winds and very high tides caused a lot of damage in coastal areas including Praia da Rocha and Olhos De Água


Rain! Big rain!!

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Sky to the south of  Albufeira 1710hrs Tuesday 28th November 2017.


Black clouds to the south of Albufeira

The green and white building is the boat repair shed at the Marina. The houses on the ridge above are among the most expensive and desirable in the town.


Some aerial shots on the way home

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Not very good quality, but I had my camera in hand so took a few shots of things that caught my eye on the flight from London Gatwick to Faro.

Selection – some pretty patterns on the sea just south of the Brittany coast of France


The town of Olhão as we come in to land.


We pass low over old city area of Faro just before landing.


Some more!Am0w7qp9HCpqgscYG_Ad1pDVxxa5XA


Back home, windy and cold in England

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Back home after a few days in southern England, where it was very cold (never above 11ºC) and very windy AND my return flight was delayed 2hrs and 30 minutes.

Back here in Albufeira it is also very windy, but a lot warmer. A thunderstorm passed over this morning.


Nasty wet weather in the Algarve today

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Rained hard all morning, stopped for a short while around lunchtime but here’s the view during mid afternoon from the football stadium at Parchal, just across the river from Portimão.

There were several heavy showers including, of course, a particularly heavy one as I was walking back to the railway station after the game. The rain was actually very cold, the kind that comes from very tall clouds. Hailstones were reported near Albufeira.

The game was Japan v Iceland in the Algarve Women’s Cup. Words and pictures about that tomorrow. Japan won easily, by 2-0.

Dark clouds over the Algarve




Nothing really exciting, just a few pictures from the first weeks of my stay in this nice little town. After a stormy couple of days the weather has settled down. Temperatures have been in the high 20’s C. Storms have battered the areas to the the south and west, so far we have missed the worst.

The winter storms have had quite an effect on some stretches of the coastline. Houses and mobile homes that were safely inland are now perched on top of the sandy cliffs and in real danger of soon falling into the sea.

Some fairly desperate measures have been taken in an attempt to, literally’ stem the tide but much more money will need to be spent. The authorities may decide to let nature take its course. I remember reading a few years ago that some scientists believe that the sea will break through within 50 years and the northern tip of the Médoc will then become an island.

This article from the regional news, published in January this year, shows the effects and the measures then being taken here and further down the coast. It’s in French but the video and pictures tell the story well.

My pictures of Soulac and L’Amelie 220714

and Soulac 240724

Soulac sur Mer – two picture albums

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