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We don’t get the weather we used to!

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Among the chaos being caused by the very cold weather across much of the UK, not to mention the wet and windy weather that has been battering Portugal, I post this pictures taken at the railway station of my former home town, Tonbridge, in the early 1908’s as I recall.

Note the diesel locomotive pulling an electric train. We were snowed in for days. Staff couldn’t get to the depots or stations, I could barely get out of my front door which was 200 yards from where I stood, camera in hand. Don’t get the weather we used to.


Extreme weather elsewhere!

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In contrast to the fairly decent weather here in the Algarve, I have been sent these two pictures!

Tanvald, Czech Republic


Tanvald, Czech Republic 1st February

Algorfa (Near Alicante) Spain, brown floodwater pouring through orchards.