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A nice day out yesterday!

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A bright sunny day, too much noise from a nearby building site plus my upstairs neighbours laying tiles, so I went first into town and then by bus to the Salgados lagoon and nature reserve. I have not been down there for a long time.

A few pictures of the main town beach around lunchtime yesterday. There were a few people taking a walk, I even saw a couple having a paddle in the shallow waves.

Recent rain has filled the lagoon to overflowing. Hundred of happy water birds were swimming around and hunting for creatures in the shallow water around the margins.

Click the icon below for the pictures-

My walk back was rather spoiled by the enormous amount of litter! People here are lazy, thoughtless, uncaring, stupid, I don’t know. They just throw plastic bottles, food containers and cigarette packets from car windows. It’s not possible to walk three steps along busy roads without seeing something that should not be there. Take it home and dispose properly you people! It’s a good job the majority of tourists don’t see this. If they did, they would not come back.

You might be wondering why the local council does not clear up this mess. So are we. Plenty of street cleaners in town where the tourists are, but out there?


Salgados lagoon is very dry 22nd June 2017

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As you know, we have had no rain here now for several weeks. As a result, everywhere is dry and mostly brown. Water levels in the bird sanctuary at Salgados are very low. I took these pictures during the afternoon of Thurday 22nd June. Took the bike, got a flat tyre on the way back which pleased me not!

I don’t know whether the breach in the sand is intentional or just the action of the sea. It might have been necessary to drain stagnant water from the lagoon. Certainly, about half of it was almost dry, with the birds and some big fish concentrated down at the other end.

This one is looking towards the Salgados golf course




Afternoon trip to Salgados lagoon

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Ages since I’ve been down there so took the bike out last Friday afternoon. The lagoon is quite full and I saw lots of big fish obviously now trapped in there. I will bet the bigger birds are fairly happy!

Sample picture below, the rest at!Am0w7qp9HCpqgq0_TGuuhD5-RKzm1g

There are no captions yet, being added a little later. At the end are a few pictures taken near Albufeira marina on my way back.

PS does anyone know know it takes up to an hour to actually log into WordPress? The site sometimes simply doesn’t respond.


Salgados Lagoon Albufeira – updated.

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I went around to the Salgados lagoon yesterday on my way to Armação De Pera. About half the lagoon is dry. The sand bar was breached by the flood water. River water is currently running out to sea. The other half is pretty full, so there is no problem for the birds.

Salgados Lagoon 14 November 2015

A few more pictures at


Salgados Lagoon May 15th 2014

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Took a little trip down there, a month or so since I last went. The rehabilitation work seems to have been left unfinished. All the workmen and plant have  left site, leaving loads of pipes and stuff laying around, several large unfilled holes and trenches and also a portable toilet. The water was a horrible green colour but the birds didn’t mind. I also saw a turtle, so it seems they are back. A sample picture below, rest here.





Salgados Lagoon 7th January 2014

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Regular readers will have been following the story of the Salgados lagoon, which is to the west of Albufeira. The recent rains have filled  the lagoon once more and it seems that most of the rehabilitation work seems to be complete. Some work is ongoing including the installation of pipes to carry water from the pumping station and better balance the flow of water between the lagoon and the open sea.

Sad to say, as I am sure many of you know, the Silves council which controls the area to the west of the lagoon, has approved a huge project to build two five star hotels and three golf courses on what is currently open land. This will be bound to have an effect on the lagoon.

Locals and others are arguing vehemently about this, particularly in view of the several half built or empty resort developments that exists within a few km of this area. But you can’t fight city hall, especially when the appropriate inducements have no doubt been received.

Photo album here 


Salgados and Armação de Pera 28th January 2013

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It was a nice sunny day yesterday, so I took the bike out partly to see if I could ride it without things getting too painful and partly to see how the lagoon at Salgados was faring. I did manage to re-discover a few muscles I had forgotten during the enforced layoff but basically everything was OK.

The lagoon has filled up nicely after the recent rain and the birds are much happier. Here are some pictures taken around the lagoon.  There are also some from the Salgados beach and the beach at Armação de Pera. Sample below.