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Trip to Messines Saturday 14th October

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Trip to Messines Saturday 14th October

Off to Messines to see my local football team, Imortal Albufeira, play in a local League match. It’s an easy trip for me as I can take a bus 50 metres / yards from my apartment all the way there.

São Bartolomeu de Messines, to give it its full name, is a town of about 8,000 people 23km (14.5 miles) north of Albufeira. It’s decidedly not touristy! It is among wooded hills on the edge of the ‘populated’ area of the Algarve. There is not a lot further north.

The hills from the railway.


The town itself has a very old part near the church, which dates from 1716 and thus survived the earthquake of 1755.



See the cracks in the marble though!

This is a well kept building by the church.


And there is this little place to sit.


Narrow streets, with a lot of empty and derelict buildings as is so common in many small towns.






The more modern parts are fairly well kept however. The town has a little railway station, four trains go every day to Lisbon, three come back. The old station building and platform are no longer used, there are no station staff. The building is now used to house communications equipment.



The modern station is not much used and weeds are not being being cleared.




The neat football ground is fairly new, having replaced an older more basic facility elsewhere in town. it has a synthetic grass surface with a bewildering array of markings for 11-a side and small side pitches for the boys (girls football? Not here!) to play their games on. Before the start, a few players warming up.



The scene at the bar at half time.

The match itself was horrible, we lost 1-0 despite them having had a player sent off after 25 minutes. Always lose to them it seems.

High above the town, modern windmills swish around, generating electricity.


If you have half a day to spare, the trip out by car or bus (even train!) is fairly pleasant. There is a small indoor market every morning except Sundays and religious holidays. The ‘main street’ has a few places in which to eat and drink should you so wish. There are two small supermarkets in the centre should you prefer to take a picnic into the wilds.


Silves visit 27.10.16

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Good weather is back, 24C during the daytime. I took myself out yesterday on a short visit to the historic town of Silves.

It was a warm day, if rather windy. Plenty of tourists were out and about, including several boatloads who had taken the trip upriver from Portimão.

Here are just a few pictures – click the picture box below to see.


A visit the Portugal national railway museum at Entroncamento

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A visit the Portugal national railway museum at Entroncamento

Earlier in October I visited the recently re-opened National Railway Railway museum of Portugal in Entroncamento. This is an item for railway and history buffs! I have at last managed to reduce the number of pictures to manageable proportions and label them. The picture set can be seen at

Entroncamento is a busy railway town about 1 hour north of Lisbon by fast train. The museum premises are adjacent to the station. I almost didn’t get there! My train was about 10 minutes out of Lisbon when there were some very loud bangs from under the train and the sound of ballast hitting the underside. The brakes came on and we came to a halt. It took about an hour of various inspectors and functionaries prodding and poking about before the train was declared fit to continue.

During that time there was not one iota of information given to the passengers. I had heard that noise once before in the UK. I was able to pass on my suspicions to fellow passengers. Also my window seat allowed me to see the various people outside. But as you can imagine the cellphone networks were re-hot with people calling ahead to say they would be delayed.

The official museum website is at
Most of the site is only in Portuguese.
Opening times are   Tuesday to Saturday 13h00 – 18h00
Sundays and most holidays:  10h00 – 18h00
Closed Mondays, also 1st January, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Admission is 5 Euros. Special note : the only access from the station is via a footbridge and thus may be unsuitable for some with restricted mobility.  That is unless you can request special assistance to cross about 10 working railway tracks on the flat crossing. Once inside most of the exhibits can be seen without recourse to stairs. Most of the exhibits are labelled in English as well as Portuguese. The staff I met (except one) understand and speak some English and are keen to explain things. Because the two parts of the museum are separated by operational railway lines, an escort is required when crossing. At busy times they do this in groups, but when it’s fairly quiet as it was at the time of my visit they don’t seem to mind showing groups or four or five across, or in my case, just one!

Entroncamento is a railway town, think Crewe, Doncaster or Eastleigh for example in the UK as a comparison. There is a large repair works just to the south, a container depot a bit further.

There are freight, passenger and engineer´s trains rushing about every few minutes. There is a footbridge across all tracks that gives a good and free viewing platform, creating a pretty good spot from which to watch the trains go by and take photos. There is a small café and bar in the main station building.