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Viruses have at last gone!

In Albufeira on February 2, 2018 by cubsur51 Tagged: , , ,

That was a nasty one, nearly three weeks of it! I can understand now why people die of the ‘flu. if not healthy to begin with.

Anyway, the sun is out and the sky is blue which cheers everyone up.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took on my way to the supermarket earlier. First time I have been there for 10 days.

This the play and exercise area at the entrance to the tunnel that takes the footpath under the main road and into town.

I am out for a walk this afternoon. My next door neighbour is rebuilding his bathroom, so I need to escape the drilling and hammering for a couple of hours. More pictures later of the sunny countryside.


I have been not well!

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More than a week of ‘flu like symptoms, unable to eat or even drink for a few days without extreme throat pain. The only advantage of being ill like this is that you spend no money and lose a lot of weight. I had hardly been outdoors until Friday.

I am starting to feel better but it s slow process, I do plan to be out this week as the social diary is fairly full!


New machine!

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What an exciting life us retired people lead! Anyway, I went to the store on Tuesday. Saw what I had found on their website, a very helpful staff member had everything arranged within a few minutes.

New machine in and working. I cannot fault the store service. Delivery was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, had my ‘warning’ text message saying they would be there in half an hour and they were, exactly. New machine unpacked, moved into very tight space, all sorted, old one removed.

Did an empty test run early as advised and a wash load later, all seems very efficient and electronic not clockwork like the old one and it has a bigger drum within the same size box. Now for the 27 page operating manual! There are 15 washing programs plus a few other control buttons. It’s a Becken (an in-house brand of that store chain) and the manual is in numerous languages including English.

Hours of harmless fun coming up, not that I am fit enough to do anything else just now. Early over indulgence has had its effect. Must take it easy for a few days.


Very good weather coming to an end?

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We have had several days of very good weather, daytime temperature reached 26ºC on Saturday, way above average for the time of year. Our visitors from Crediton Bowls Club on Friday enjoyed a similar day .

Today is a little cooler at only 15.6ºC at 1135am (about average for the time of year) and there is rain coming for tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday.


More soon!

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WordPress has been messing me about, as has Google Chrome which arbitrarily decides I have ‘no internet connection’ every so often, usually when I am the middle of doing something. A ‘known issue’ I have read.


Lunchtime in the Algarve, January 2017

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A group of us went for lunch on Wednesday at a place in Algoz. After the main courses(s) we moved out onto the terrace for more wine, desserts and coffee. Very nice it was too.

Lunch in Algoz 8 January 2017


Not much going on, I am still alive!

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It’s a quiet time of year, people slowly recovering from the excesses of Christmas and New year celebrations. There are a few long stay winter holidaymakers here, currently enjoying the sunshine. It hasn’t rained here for a month and although it getting colder (14C today as iw rite) it is still a lot better than Northern Europe and Canada.

On more mundane notes, my laptop ncomputer has failed and is currently being repaired. More money,more expense. And Hewlett Packard’s devious method of preventing the use of replacement print cartridges means I cannot print until I go to the shop and fork out €€ € for a genuine one.

Oh and why is so slow to respond at times? First log in often takes three or four minutes.

Added – there must be something wrong with the sea today! I went down to the bus stop and the ornamental pond thing was full of gulls, washing their feathers and having a paddle. That dolphin will need another cleaning job soon. (The fountains were switched off by the way.) Apologies for quality, taken with phone. The white buildings behind are the doomed Oceanville resort complex.