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Albufeira in the height of summer.

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Albufeira in the height of summer.

These are not the best pictures I have ever taken. Forgot to put the memory card in!. But I hope they convey some of the ambience of the town beach at the height of summer.

And in contrast, a short distance from that scene, is one of very barren and brown aridity.
We need some rain, a lot, soon.


Albufeira beach 15th June 2017

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It was quite misty yesterday afternoon so several pictures aren’t worth seeing.

Here are a few. The beach was quite busy, it being a public holiday in Portugal. Air temperature was 28ºC.


Albufeira beach Saturday 10th June

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It’s not particularly busy at the moment as the school holidays for those in UK, Ireland etc have yet to begin. There were plenty out and about to enjoy a pleasant sunny afternoon on the sands. Temperature was about 28ºC (82ºF).


Albufeira wildlife

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Some of the tribe of cats that live up by the viewing platform over the Peneco beach. They were brought some food, which excited a few of them, but some were not too bothered!


Sunny days still in Albufeira

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On Monday I was at a wedding and then reception party. I blame the bride’s father totally for my condition on Tuesday morning.

So yesterday afternoon I took a walk into town to try to clear my head and body. Failed dismally, had relapse around tea-time but I did manage to take a few pictures of the busy beaches. It was 26ºC, the beaches were busy with local people and visitors on Easter holidays.!Am0w7qp9HCpqgsB9gT6A_Dw8cEDCuw


Albufeira 12th April and 25ºC

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Fishing harbour


Boat trips entering and leaving the marina



Main town beach


Town beach from up by the lift looking east


Town Beach, Pier and Inatel Hotel

Town beach and Sol e Mar hotel


Some Albufeira pictures

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Here are links to some of the photos I took on my little walkabout yesterday. There is a larger album of general views to follow which I will post tomorrow.

Albufeira in black and white

I took a few pictures of the town in black and white. If you can ignore the modern street signs and satellite dishes, there is an air on antiquity about some of them.


Albufeira has an abundance of wildlife. Some of them were enjoying yesterday’s sun.


This disaster looms over the town, reminding everyone of the follies of developer’s and corrupt local officials greed. It has now stayed empty for over three years, during which time the company that built it has gone bust and a lot of people who bought ‘off plan’ have to all intents and purposes lost their money.  Many of you will know what happens to properties that have remained sealed and unused for three or four years. It will probably cost them more to put things right than it did to build them in the first place.


This old hotel right on the beach is being completely rebuilt within the original facade. Completion is due, they say, in August 2013 but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Peneco beach

I was prevailed upon to risk life and limb by climbing over a four foot high wall (with a dodgy knee!) then stand far too close to a cliff edge. We had two old postcard views of the area (the last two pictures in this album) and the task was to try to get the same view today. Unfortunately the cliff has receded a little and there was a big bush in the way. And the postcard photographer had a wider angle lens than me. But I think I got fairly close.

I hope you like these. All being well, more to come tomorrow.