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Last day by the coast – updated with more pictures

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Once again the sun stayed behind cloud until late afternoon, but the beaches were packed nevertheless. It was rather windy, plenty of surf for the afficionados. The picture below was taken at Soulac-sur-mer about an hour after high tide.


I began the day with a short bike ride to the north of Soulac to an area known as ‘Les Cantines’, a long wide beach stretching to the Pointe de Grave, the very northern tip of the Médoc peninsular. It was around 12noon, a very grey and windy day and almost no-one to be seen. The area has sea defences dating from the 1930’s. These were, understandably, neglected during the Second World War and only partly repaired in the 1950’s. Some token efforts have been made since, but wind and tide are slowly prevailing.

Pictures here – will open a new window.

The poor weather lasted a couple of hours, drove me to lunch! But, by 1700hrs (5pm) the sun was out, the temperature a respectable 25ºC and the beaches very busy as the final few pictures show.


Médoc, France, 20th July 2017

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After a dull and misty start, the day turned out quite reasonable although somewhat windy. Temperature 23ºC, a good day for a couple of hours on the bike.

I came by a small group of horses, not enough to be a herd really. Just grazing happily  as they do, across a narrow canal from the bike path. Among them were two much smaller and oddly coloured animals, ponies perhaps. Any ideas anyone?


A horse


Several horses. I doubt the countryside has changed much in a few hundred years. Very low lying, lots of canals and quite marshy in places.


A large and a small horse or pony


The Gironde at Port de Talais. At this point the river is about 5.5 miles or 8.8km wide. It is very tidal, fierce currents are to be seen. Vast areas of mud are exposed at low tide (below) which in years gone by had oyster beds. Pollution ended that little industry.



I almost forgot these couple of pictures.

I was out cycling while in the Médoc and came across this monument to the near legendary Second War exploit of Operation Frankton – the seaborne Commando raid on Bordeaux docks.

This one is at St Vivien Plage, in what is now a car park opposite a restaurant called Guinguette de la Plage – map

Frankton 1

Frankton 2

I took this picture of the river on the same SUMMER day. I dread to think what it must have been like in December when the raid took place. Horribly bleak even when I was there. In the distance are the cranes of the rarely used docks at Le Verdon – sur – mer

The bleak Gironde

The bleak Gironde

There are other memorials at the Pointe de Grave near Le Verdon and across the river near St Georges de Didonne. This large recent addition was dedicated at Pointe de Grave in March 2011 – thanks to

The Médoc and Operation Frankton 1942

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A wet and windy day in Soulac-sur-mer – edited with correct link to pictures.

Friday 14th August and it was a very wet and windy day in Soulac, my last day in the Médoc. The wind was blowing at 50mph / 80kph straight off the sea, driving the rain before it.

Holidaymakers struggled to keep their feet, the beach was closed and the Gastronomic Fair outside the church was almost blown away.

A few pictures

So now I am back in Bordeaux, before heading back to Albufeira.

A wet and windy day in Soulac-sur-mer

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Le Verdon – trains and trees

The railway line between Le Verdon and Pointe de Grave is only used for eight weeks of the year. Five trains each day provide a little known service between the ferry terminal at Pointe de Grave and the summer holiday destinations of Soulac-sur-mer, Lesparre and Pauillac. The line eventually arrives in Bordeaux.

Click each picture below to see in a larger size.

In contrast with the almost new modern electric trains

(the line was electrified in the 1930’s) this level crossing is manually controlled by an unfortunate whose working day is spent in that little shed.

He emerges ten times a day to lower and raise the barriers.

The woodland nearby is typical of much the area, densely forested and green.

I am coming to the end of my stay in France for this year. There may be a chance for some more pictures in Bordeaux over the weekend, if the weather is kind!

Le Verdon – trains and trees

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The last time I visited Pauillac was to be at the end of a Tour de France time trial stage. The town was packed with visitors and the whole entourage of the world’s biggest cycle race.

Last week I returned. The town was fairly sleepy as befitted a warm August day. A few restaurants were busy for lunch. A Viking River Cruises vessel was tied up at the landing stage, its voyagers no doubt enjoying a trip to one of the various wineries nearby.

Pauillac, population about 5,500, is close to many of the most important wine growing areas in the Médoc. The train ride from Bordeax takes you past several Chateaux de very nice and no doubt very expensive as well.

Some houses have wine tasting facilities in town.

Here are some pictures.

Visit to Pauillac

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Just a few taken on two bike rides, on 6th and 8th August. Nothing in particular just ferries, lighthouses, churches, villages and a donkey. Oh and a nasty bug.

Pau looks to be an interesting place. I’ve had a quick walk around this evening and tomorrow all the camera batteries will be fully charged and ready!

Last pictures from the Médoc

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