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Visit to Lagoa 24th May 2018

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Last Thursday and a short visit to the nearby town of Lagoa. With a population of around 23,000 Lagoa is one of the fairly unspoiled towns in the Algarve region. It’s away from the coast, so is not on the tourist trails. Like many towns here, it is a mixture of the well kept and practically derelict, although I am happy to say that the latter is a minority.

This is the Palácio da Rosa, now the town council Treasury office. Most of the structure dates from the 18th century and was a private residence until 1970.

The town war memorial includes names from recent conflicts in Angola and Mozambique.
There aren’t many places with cattle around here, especially right on the edge of town. Just to the east of Lagoa is a large aeea of very wet land where presumably web-footed bovines are kept.

A few more pictures at!Am0w7qp9HCpqg8kB4o0805wJCN4wGA not yet captioned. Will have to do that on Sunday afternoon.


Lagoa pictures

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I paid a visit to the town of Lagoa a few days ago. These are just a few pictures taken during the day.

Lagoa has a population of about 6,100 in town, but the Municipality has a population of about 24,000 as it includes the popular resorts of Carvoeiro and Ferragudo, plus the growing town of Parchal which is just across the river from Portimão. Porches and Estombar are also belonging.

Lagoa’s main claim to fame is the Fatacil ( a summer arts and crafts exhibition held on the town’s fairground. There is also a wine grower’s co-operative based there.