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It was extremely hot over the weekend, not the weather to be charging around on a bicycle. Just a few pictures from a couple of walks around the town.

The local bees were busy at work.


Selfish and inconsiderate parking is not just a Portuguese thing! A busy roundabout on the edge of town. So what if the peasants have to walk into the road? Not my problem!!


About the size of a large dinner plate. Is it poisonous? You poke it with your toe and find out!


The beach area known as Les Cantines just to the north of Soulac. The cantines are the remains of sea defences built in the 1930’s.


Looking south towards the buildings at the top of the beach.


The old defences are gradually crumbling…


… and in places the sand has covered them to some depth.



Miscellany from around Soulac.

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Wildlife at play

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I was out walking this afternoon and almost trod on these two having some fun in the sun.


Strange bug spotted

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I am told it is a mole cricket, that mostly lives underground. Which is why I have never seen one!

Does anyone know what this is please? Spotted this morning while I was walking down a track just back of where I live in Albufeira. I have never seen anything looking like this. I woudl say it was about 5cm (2″) long. It was moving slowly but fairly steadily, pausing to rummage around in the gravel. A few seconds later is vanished into some long grass.


Bug 1


Bug 2