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New machine!

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What an exciting life us retired people lead! Anyway, I went to the store on Tuesday. Saw what I had found on their website, a very helpful staff member had everything arranged within a few minutes.

New machine in and working. I cannot fault the store service. Delivery was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, had my ‘warning’ text message saying they would be there in half an hour and they were, exactly. New machine unpacked, moved into very tight space, all sorted, old one removed.

Did an empty test run early as advised and a wash load later, all seems very efficient and electronic not clockwork like the old one and it has a bigger drum within the same size box. Now for the 27 page operating manual! There are 15 washing programs plus a few other control buttons. It’s a Becken (an in-house brand of that store chain) and the manual is in numerous languages including English.

Hours of harmless fun coming up, not that I am fit enough to do anything else just now. Early over indulgence has had its effect. Must take it easy for a few days.