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It is getting hot here, so yesterday I took the rented bike out for a gentle three hours around the village of Talais and the marshes by the river. I chanced upon a large area of blackberry bushes and a lot of the berries were ready to eat. And very nice they were too!


And a short distance down the road, the vastness of Gironde estuary at low tide. This is the western side, looking north. Just visible, as a speck to the right of centre, are the cranes at the port of Le Verdon.




Simple pleasure of a blackberry bush

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The Gironde Estuary France

So far, so good with the weather in this part of France. Here’s where I am.

The beach at Pointe de Grave. This is the very northern tip of the Médoc peninsular, north of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Gironde river where it meets the sea.


Beach at Pointe de Grave

The two ships of the Pointe de Grave – Royan ferry service cross in mid water. The town of Royan is in the background.


Local boat  owners have to deal with some fairly choppy water in this area.



They also have to keep out of the way of the larger vessels. The ferry nears the dock at Pointe de Grave.


Pointe de Grave ferry

The Gironde Estuary France

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Médoc, France, 20th July 2017

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After a dull and misty start, the day turned out quite reasonable although somewhat windy. Temperature 23ºC, a good day for a couple of hours on the bike.

I came by a small group of horses, not enough to be a herd really. Just grazing happily  as they do, across a narrow canal from the bike path. Among them were two much smaller and oddly coloured animals, ponies perhaps. Any ideas anyone?


A horse


Several horses. I doubt the countryside has changed much in a few hundred years. Very low lying, lots of canals and quite marshy in places.


A large and a small horse or pony


The Gironde at Port de Talais. At this point the river is about 5.5 miles or 8.8km wide. It is very tidal, fierce currents are to be seen. Vast areas of mud are exposed at low tide (below) which in years gone by had oyster beds. Pollution ended that little industry.