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Albufeira hot and busy, no fires here!

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Many days now of temperatures between 32ºC and 35ºC, beaches and towns are very busy. Here’s a picture taken a few days ago by a friend of Galé beach, about 5km west of Albufeira.

Luckily we have been spared the brushfires and more serious that have badly affected parts of the centre and north of Portugal. There were two small fires a few days ago a about 6 miles west of here, near Armção de Pêra, the smoke from which drifted over our way for a few hours.

Fingers are still crossed. All the grass and small shrubs are brown, trees are still green.

Portugal has an excellent website, updated in real time, showing the status of the fires. It’s only in Portguese but is very easy to understand. Click on a fire and a box will open up telling you how many firefighters are involved, how many appliances, how many aircraft and for the very biggest fires (shown as red flames) the scope of the fire and the location of the command centre and who’s in charge.



Galé beach, Albufeira

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Somer of you will know this area, which is about 3 miles to the west of Albufeira old town. I was going around the area, collecting information to update my area map (which shall be done over the weekend) and took some time out by the beach at Galé.

It was a sunny day, but quite windy. It was fairly busy for late May, temperature was around 24ºC when these pictures were taken at lunchtime.



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To continue the photo tour of the Albufeira area, these are some pictures taken on the afternoon of Friday 28th June along the road between Albufeira and Vale de Parra, then round through Salgados to Galé. There is quite a mixture of things to be seen, from some really high-end properties, row after row of tourist apartments, numerous derelict buildings old and new, several abandoned resort projects and pockets of farmland.

The pictures are here

For those of you who may not be familiar with this area, which is to the west of Albufeira itself, my route is marked with red dots on this map. The second part of the route, from Galé back towards Albufeira, will follow some time next week. It was rather hot!Imagea



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Salgados and Galé June 19th 2012

The strain of Euro 2012 football watching is taking its toll, too much beer. Took the bike out on Tuesday 19th to Salgados and Galé area. The lagoon at Salgados has largely dried out, leaving acres of baked mud and some very unhappy birds. The beaches were fairy busy for early summer. Here are a couple of sample pictures, the rest are here.

Salgados Lagoon

Salgados Lagoon June 19th 2012

Galé beach

Galé beach near Albufeira June 19th 2012