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Visit to Praia de Faro 31.08.17

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Visit to Praia de Faro 31.08.17

This is the spit of land seen by millions every year as they land or take off at Faro Airport. Although often called the ‘Ilha de Faro’ (Faro island) it isn’t a true island as the western end joins onto the beach area of the upmarket resort of Quinta do Lago.

It had been a very long time since I had been there. So, on a hot day last Thursday, I took the train to Faro and then the bus to the beach. The ‘island’ is linked to the mainland by a low half mile long bridge. The last 150 metres is, for some unknown reason, only wide enough for one vehicle to pass at a time. It’s controlled by traffic signals, where posters are on display, demanding a wider bridge to be built. Because of that narrow section, large trucks and buses cannot cross onto the island. The bus stops seemingly in the middle of the sea.

Praia de Faro Bridge

Praia de Faro Bridge

It was a very busy day, the sands were busy. The beach stretches for several kilometres. I walked to the eastern end, about 4 km each way. After the first 1.7km, the road runs out. A boardwalk for pedestrians, bikes and scooters runs almost the whole way to the end, where there is a scattering of houses including this rather smart one. These houses have a boat parked outside the front door and a bike or scooter at the back.

Praia de Faro house

Praia de Faro house

The city of Faro sits across the marshes, as does the airport.

Faro Airport from the island

Faro Airport from the island

Praia de Faro plane landing

Praia de Faro plane landing

Faro from the island 002

Faro from the island

Some more pictures if you click the icon below.

This map shows my walk, from the red dot where I got off the bus to the blue dot. Despite what the map may show, the road runs not quite half way. There is the boardwalk for most of the rest, then it is soft sand.

Map for Faro Island - Ilha de Faro

Map for Faro Island – Ilha de Faro

How to get there

As you can see, the island is a short distance from Faro airport. Take that road and turn away from the airport, following the signs to Praia de Faro. Parking on the island is very limited and with access only via that very narrow bridge it is often a fairly long wait to get on and off. There is a parking area on the mainland at the other end of the bridge. That however is a walk of about 850 metres. Good news is that there is a separate boardwalk type bridge, alongside the road, for pedestrians and cyclists.

For those who don’t mind going by bus, Faro city bus route 16 runs from the bus station and railway station once or twice an hour. Fare is €2,25 for adults, €1,50 for children.  The journey takes about 20 minutes. This is the same bus that goes via the airport. In summer, there are also journeys on routes 14 and 17 from other parts of the city.

In summer, mid-June to mid September, there is a passenger ferry from Faro city six times a day. The embarkation point is under the old city wall about 200 metres from the marina. Times etc at


Some aerial shots on the way home

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Not very good quality, but I had my camera in hand so took a few shots of things that caught my eye on the flight from London Gatwick to Faro.

Selection – some pretty patterns on the sea just south of the Brittany coast of France


The town of Olhão as we come in to land.


We pass low over old city area of Faro just before landing.


Some more!Am0w7qp9HCpqgscYG_Ad1pDVxxa5XA


Visit to Faro, 5th October 2016

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Last Wednesday, 5th October, was a public holiday here in Portugal – Republic Day. Republic Day commemorates the proclamation of the first Republic in 1910, following the removal of the last king, Dom Manuel II as a result of the coup d´etat and Republican revolution. He is sometimes referred to as ‘Manuel the Unfortunate’.

He spent the remainder of his life in exile in Twickenham, near London. He was buried in Lisbon.

Anyway, history lesson over! I was off to Faro to watch the Culatrense vs Imortal (Albufeira) match, Algarve League Division One.

The pictures in the album below include an unexpected couple of shots of the train of empty aviation fuel containers that runs from Loulé back to the refineries at Sines. I didn’t expect to see it, being a public holiday. The loaded trains come down to Loulé as required. The fuel containers are taken by truck to Faro airport. Empties come back the same way.

There are a few shots of Faro marina and the city streets plus some of the game, which finished 0-0 and was pretty poor. It was a hot day, 28C in the afternoon.


Arco da Vila

The Arco da Vila, an entrance to the oldest part of the city of Faro.



An afternoon at football, Farense v Portimonense 30th September 2015

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I thought I should share this with my readers!

Portugal’s Second Division normally plays midweek matches in the afternoons. Such is the lack of interest they would have even fewer fans if they played at night when the Champions League etc are on TV. Average crowd for second tier (Segunda Liga) games in this supposedly football mad country is 850, so far this season.

Anyway, on 30th September two local Algarve teams were due to meet in a local derby. Despite protestations from Portimonense that the game should be at night, Farense insisted on a 4pm kickoff.

That allowed three of us to go to the game. Two regular visitors, who have become friends plus me of course, travelled from Albufeira to Faro by bus and train as beer was also on the agenda.

Steve (who is of course not in most of the pictures), myself (red shorts) and Paul (yellow shorts) enjoyed a sunny afternoon.

Steve has put together an excellent slideshow and set of video clips at which I think you will enjoy.

It is 18 minutes of screen time, so sit down and see what we did on our day out.


An afternoon in Faro

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An afternoon in Faro

I went to Faro on Wednesday afternoon to watch a football match. Before the game I took a few pictures around the town as it was a nice sunny afternoon. Ignore the first four, unless you are into the construction of bus stations!

If you really want to see what Portuguese Second Division football looks like, click this

Attendance officially 862, I doubt there were that many. It was 7 Euros admission, on the sunny side. Result Farense 1 – 1 Feirense.


Sunset Faro Airport

On the way home on Saturday 29th March while waiting at Faro railway station for the train to leave



Sunset Faro Airport

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