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Trip to Messines Saturday 14th October

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Trip to Messines Saturday 14th October

Off to Messines to see my local football team, Imortal Albufeira, play in a local League match. It’s an easy trip for me as I can take a bus 50 metres / yards from my apartment all the way there.

São Bartolomeu de Messines, to give it its full name, is a town of about 8,000 people 23km (14.5 miles) north of Albufeira. It’s decidedly not touristy! It is among wooded hills on the edge of the ‘populated’ area of the Algarve. There is not a lot further north.

The hills from the railway.


The town itself has a very old part near the church, which dates from 1716 and thus survived the earthquake of 1755.



See the cracks in the marble though!

This is a well kept building by the church.


And there is this little place to sit.


Narrow streets, with a lot of empty and derelict buildings as is so common in many small towns.






The more modern parts are fairly well kept however. The town has a little railway station, four trains go every day to Lisbon, three come back. The old station building and platform are no longer used, there are no station staff. The building is now used to house communications equipment.



The modern station is not much used and weeds are not being being cleared.




The neat football ground is fairly new, having replaced an older more basic facility elsewhere in town. it has a synthetic grass surface with a bewildering array of markings for 11-a side and small side pitches for the boys (girls football? Not here!) to play their games on. Before the start, a few players warming up.



The scene at the bar at half time.

The match itself was horrible, we lost 1-0 despite them having had a player sent off after 25 minutes. Always lose to them it seems.

High above the town, modern windmills swish around, generating electricity.


If you have half a day to spare, the trip out by car or bus (even train!) is fairly pleasant. There is a small indoor market every morning except Sundays and religious holidays. The ‘main street’ has a few places in which to eat and drink should you so wish. There are two small supermarkets in the centre should you prefer to take a picnic into the wilds.


Soulac sur Mer to be precise. My annual R&R visit. It has been insufferably hot and humid until 0445 this morning when a giant clap of thunder woke me rather brutally! Today has been much cooler and generaly more civilised on the weather front, although two more storms passed by later in  the day.

A couple of pictures. First , Soulac has its own miniversion of the London Eye. I shall go up there later. Should be some good views over the town as it is temporarily at least the highest point!


Second, the historic church of Notre Dame de la  Fin des Terres, in the evening light. Thankfully the area in front, once a car park, has been cleared so people can enjoy the view. Parts of the church date from the 11th century.  It is one of the stops on the historic way from England to Santiago de Compostela. The church was threatened by sand dunes from the earliest days and by the middle of the 18th century had been completely buried, along with the village around it. A hundred years later work began to remove the sand and re-establish the church and village. Today, Soulac sur Mer has a resident population of about 2,100. This swells to tens of thousands in the summer months when holidaymakers, mainly from France and Germany, flock to the many campsites and mobile home parks in the area.



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