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Being sort of retired, I have the time to manage two websites for local amateur football leagues operating in the Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells area of England, where I lived for 35 years.

Tonbridge and District Football League
West Kent Sunday Football League

These two local leagues offer active sport and enjoyment for over 2,000 local men yet operate under immense difficulties. Local football pitches are often badly maintained, sometimes not maintained at all. Some are in such bad condition that they cannot be used for weeks at a time. Teams cannot play, players lose interest and clubs fold. The FA professes to have ‘grass roots’ football high on its agenda but at the present rate of attrition there will be none left in ten years. It is time for them to make funds available to local councils who have no funds to make pitches fit for purpose.


7 Responses to “My other websites”

  1. Hi Tom must be great to have the knowhow on running two websites,im 61 and also retired i’ve looked at many of your photos and can’t wait to see albufeira in person arriving june 13th for two weeks keep up the good work.Roy

  2. Hello Tom, I have never been to Algarve. Arriving in Albuferia on Dec 28th for two weeks. I am a gardening fan, so would like to connect with someone who lives there and knows the garden areas that I might visit. Any suggestions? thank you, Holly Pender-Love, Trail, BC Canada

    • Hi. I don’t do gardens myself but I am sure there are a few places that might be visited. Can I suggest you register at and ask a question there? The forum is used by many British residents of the Algarve and regular visitors some of whom may have fingers greener than mine!

      Albufeira doesn’t really have any public gardens as such, although there are some landscaped areas between the tourist hotels!

  3. Hi, I am visiting alberferia ( 4th time ) I was wondering if you could give me an update on the floods and how everything is looking now please. Thanks

    • Louise, if you were weren’t aware that had been a flood you would not know from looking. The major repairs to streets and damaged buildings were completed by the end of December, with a few more in January. A few places without insurance have not yet re-opened, some are only now re-fitting, but the vast majority have been back in business for some time now. A lot would not be open until Easter anyway.

  4. hi, are you Tom who used to sing in Angeus/

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