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25th April – Thursday and Friday last week were very windy indeed. Signs were blown down along with small trees etc. Some minor damage has been caused to the roof our our apartment block. It’s to be hoped that the condominium management get it fixed. Several days of rain are expected from Thursday onwards. My upstairs neighbours will not be happy if water comes in, having recently spent several weeks completely remodelling!


In France

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I have left behind the blazing heat of south-east England for the rather cloudy and gloomy French city of Bordeaux. The very slow and erratic internet connection at my hotel means I won’t be able ┬áto post anything meaningful for a few days.

Temperature 18C at 0945am local, cloudy and humid,some contrast to Tuesday’s 34C at the Kent v Sussex cricket match at Tunbridge Wells. Here’s the CAMRA beer tent.


Status – new attempt!

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17th July – 25C in south east England. Unheard of!

Took the easy way out and simply over-wrote the old post as the site will not let me edit.


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27th June

It’s not been quite so warm this past couple of days, only 27 or 28C. Heavy weather being made though of watching the Euro 2016 matches and having to be in a bar for hours at a time!

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