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New semi-decent camera now purchased

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I have now worked out how to take a picture at least! I have also invested in a new desktop computer, to replace the seven years old model that is showing increasing signs of old age like running out of memory!

Transferring all the stuff you want from old to new while getting rid of the junk is almost as bad as moving home. Some time later this week I shall be back in the real world. A day out in Lagos (Portugal, not Nigeria) is coming up on Thursday. It’s a good while since I have been there, camera(s) will be to hand.

I have finally purchased a new semi-decent camera to replace the one that died a few months back. Once I have mastered it, there should be some better quality pictures here.

As usual with things technological, it is about the same price as I paid ten years ago. But it has probably more functions than I have had hot meals. The instruction manual runs to 311 pages!!

Até logo.


More soon!

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WordPress has been messing me about, as has Google Chrome which arbitrarily decides I have ‘no internet connection’ every so often, usually when I am the middle of doing something. A ‘known issue’ I have read.


Not much going on, I am still alive!

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It’s a quiet time of year, people slowly recovering from the excesses of Christmas and New year celebrations. There are a few long stay winter holidaymakers here, currently enjoying the sunshine. It hasn’t rained here for a month and although it getting colder (14C today as iw rite) it is still a lot better than Northern Europe and Canada.

On more mundane notes, my laptop ncomputer has failed and is currently being repaired. More money,more expense. And Hewlett Packard’s devious method of preventing the use of replacement print cartridges means I cannot print until I go to the shop and fork out €€ € for a genuine one.

Oh and why is so slow to respond at times? First log in often takes three or four minutes.

Added – there must be something wrong with the sea today! I went down to the bus stop and the ornamental pond thing was full of gulls, washing their feathers and having a paddle. That dolphin will need another cleaning job soon. (The fountains were switched off by the way.) Apologies for quality, taken with phone. The white buildings behind are the doomed Oceanville resort complex.




Given up on recent photos!

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The public wifi where I am staying is so slow and erratic that I have just about given up editing photos. It has taken me over an hour just to caption FOUR of mine stored on line while I was in Bordeaux.

Even this small post took  five attempts and 15 minutes to load!!!

I am not paying 6 cents per Mb using my roaming tariff!

Unless I can find a solution there won’t be much new until I return home on 15th August,


New posts?

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A couple of people have asked. I usually aim to add something new every 7 – 10 days. However since last weekend it has been very wet, rain much of the time, even a short thunderstorm. There has been little opportunity to get out. Add to that a keyboard failure which meant I was unable to use my main resource for a couple of days, keyboard now replaced.

And my hot water system (gas heater) also broke down and was written off. The replacement cost €€€, so not in a good mood and that was before I received a mild electric shock from my washing machine.

What’s in store for me there I wonder? Expert advice is being sought but no doubt that measns more money, more expense and less to spend on beer.

Thinking of drink, we have the annual Albufeira wine festival coming up. Our visit will be on Monday afternoon, so all being well there will be some pictures of Albufeira’s finest enjoying themselves some time on Tuesday. It’s indoors!



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I often get messages from people here in Windows spaces that appear to want a reply. But I cannot reply as every sender has their communications settings configured to block all incoming traffic.
Which doesn’t make it a lot of use asking for a reply, does it?