Algarve Public Transport Information

My Algarve public transport website!

eva bus algarve

If you are thinking of visiting or living in the Algarve region of Portugal, you may wish to visit my website. It has been built up over the ten years I have lived here. I have train and bus timetables with maps, in English for the whole region which is not available in this form anywhere else from asingle source.

I have added information about transport in other regions of Portugal as a result of my travels around the country, in particular for


For these, go to and head for the bottom of the page.


5 Responses to “Algarve Public Transport Information”

  1. hi we are coming to albufeira 3rd of april so if weather nice dose that mean the beach is out of bounds with all the work that is going on

    • Not the whole beach. The week you are there they will be working on the section nearest the pier, so that will be closed. The other section should be finished by then and therefore open. But don’t expect sunbeds and stuff; they don’t appear until Easter at the very earliest.

      It is 73 here at the moment. next week looks as if it;s going to be dry and around to 70F mark.

  2. Such a useful site. Very grateful to you for it.

  3. Hello and *** THANK YOU for your very useful site about Algarve bus/train info***
    It has saved me many many hours of Googling, visiting various Portuguese websites along with practical “day-to-day” insights. Well done sir!

    I will be relocating to the Algarve region in a couple of weeks to learn to sail and become certified to charter/skipper larger yachts. Exactly where in Algarve not yet determined, I still need to select the training school I wish to attend and find long term accomodations (6+ months).

    When I settle in I would be most pleased to buy you dinner and a beer.


    Ken Resner

    • Well Ken and thanks to you for the compliment. Best of luck in your venture and I hope you find somewhere to live! It’s not easy as many long term rentals are only by word of mouth. They make much more money with short term lets to tourists. Buy me a beer – an offer never refused! I am based in Albufeira as you may have guessed.

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