Visit to Portimão 30 May 2018

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Went to Portimão on a bit of business but also to visit the museum. On the way walking there I spotted a couple of things of interest.

Portimao-300518-003 and a nice plant

Portimao-300518-007 and the old bridge still carrying heavy traffic almost 150 years after it was built.


The Portimão museum is housed in an old sardine cannery on the riverside. Its exhibits focus mainly on that industry, which all but vanished in the 1980’s. It was rather dark in places but I did manage a few pictures which are here.

If you are the city it’s worth an hour or two of your time. Opening times (except August) are Tuesdays 1430 – 1800, Wednesdays to Sundays 1000 – 1800. Closed Mondays and national holidays.

In August, opening times are Tuesdays 1930 – 2300, Wednesday to Sunday 1500 – 2300, closed Mondays and national holidays (the only one is 15th August) and admission is free between 1500 and 1900 on Saturdays.

Admission €3 for adults, reductions available for children and seniors, it’s free on Saturday mornings except in August when it’s not open until 1500. It’s located on the riverside not far from the two bridges and Largo do Dique at Rua D. Carlos I by the big crane. Bus stops from near and far are 200 metres away, parking likewise.

The stencil machine in one of the pictures was made by the Ideal Stencil Machine Co. of Belleville Illinois, which was in business from 1911 to 2002 I read. One of the machines in the dark was the evil device that made the keys for opening the tins, which to this day I am usually unable to use without getting sardine everywhere. One display mentions the men who soldered the lids onto the cans. It said that a skilled man could do 100 an hour. There were riots and strikes when machines were bought in to replace them.

Official website only in Portuguese is at


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