A nice day out yesterday!

In Albufeira on December 14, 2017 by cubsur51 Tagged: ,

A bright sunny day, too much noise from a nearby building site plus my upstairs neighbours laying tiles, so I went first into town and then by bus to the Salgados lagoon and nature reserve. I have not been down there for a long time.

A few pictures of the main town beach around lunchtime yesterday. There were a few people taking a walk, I even saw a couple having a paddle in the shallow waves.

Recent rain has filled the lagoon to overflowing. Hundred of happy water birds were swimming around and hunting for creatures in the shallow water around the margins.

Click the icon below for the pictures-

My walk back was rather spoiled by the enormous amount of litter! People here are lazy, thoughtless, uncaring, stupid, I don’t know. They just throw plastic bottles, food containers and cigarette packets from car windows. It’s not possible to walk three steps along busy roads without seeing something that should not be there. Take it home and dispose properly you people! It’s a good job the majority of tourists don’t see this. If they did, they would not come back.

You might be wondering why the local council does not clear up this mess. So are we. Plenty of street cleaners in town where the tourists are, but out there?


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