Le Verdon

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A cloudy day today, a good day for a short ride. Ended up at the little estuarine beach called La Chambrette, between the ferry dock at Le Verdon and the former commercial port.

Plage de la Chambrette

Plage de la Chambrette (1)

Plage de la Chambrette

Plage de la Chambrette (2)

In the background are the remains of the ‘mole’, blown up in 1944. It has been opened in 1933 as a mooring for transatlantic liners too big to go down to Bordeaux. Passengers were brought up by train from the city. It had a working life of only a few years. It was partially rebuilt  as a dock for petrol tankers but has been out of use and derelict for many years.

Here is a picture taken in 1933.


My pictures taken Sunday 30th July. There are plenty more on line, search ‘Mole D’Escale Le Verdon’ and see them.

Mole Le Verdon

Mole Le Verdon

Mole Le Verdon new section

Mole Le Verdon new section

Nearby are the remains of a fuel depot used by U-boats in World War Two. I am trying to discover the original purpose of the tall tower. It now serves as a location for communications aerials (cellphones) but may have begun life as an anti-aircraft gun platform. These structures are fenced off and the tower is within the secure zone of the port.


Nearby, the village of Le Verdon was once a centre for oyster production. The oyster beds where in the estuary, boats brought them into the ‘canals’ where they were unloaded. This picture from those days.


Nowadays that’s all gone and now looks like this.

Le Verdon 'canals' and church.

Le Verdon ‘canals’ and church.


Plenty of large fish in the canals but only visible by the wakes they make in the muddy waters. I did spot some crabs scuttling in and out of holes in the banks.

Crabs Le Verdon

Crabs Le Verdon


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