Visit to Pointe de Grave lighthouse 25-07-17

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Visit to Pointe de Grave lighthouse 25-07-17 – updated 31st July.

Another dull day Tuesday, so I cycled the few km to the lighthouse museum at Le Verdon. It’s 28 metres (nearly 100 feet) tall so there are good views even on a bad day. It’s quite a climb up a spiral staircase almost to the top, then by two metal ladders. The building dates from 1860 and is still operational, although automatic now.

The ground floor has a small collection of old equipment, models of other lighthouses and ships plus charts, ancient documents and quite a bit of interest. Information is available in English and German although it does help to be able to understand some French.

Sample view


Port Bloc and the old mole at Le Verdon

I found this picture dated 1939 also taken from the lighthouse, compare with the present day views.


Other pictures from the top of the lighthouse and also of the dilapidated railway station nearby via the link below.  A very grey day it was!!Am0w7qp9HCpqgtYLSJcExmGBZbz3-w

Also, this is the location of various monuments to the US forces who came to this area in 1917, to Operation Frankton and to various others of historic fame.



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