Montalivet 18th July.

In France, Médoc on July 19, 2017 by cubsur51 Tagged:

Took a bus yesterday morning to Montalivet to visit the large outdoor market there. I had hardly stepped off the bus and made my way to the market when police of various kinds started running around, yelling at everyone to evacuate.

The market remained closed for around 3 hours, by which time I was waiting for the bus back.

A local ‘nutcase’ had driven a car through the barriers, was stopped by traders throwing things at his car windscreen. He was dragged out by the nearby people, the gendarmerie on duty locally quickly reacted, some say to stop a public lynching! During the time it took for the bomb squad to arrive and declare the vehicle safe, most of what I heard was traders complaining about loss of business, never mind any possible danger.

Picture from local news :

Definitely not a terrorist incident. The man concerned had actually been arrested the previous evening and released. He is, as they say, ‘known to the police’ and is now in a psychiatric hospital ward.

I shall try another day!


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