A wet week in Nottingham

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Monday and Tuesday were OK, but prolonged and heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday all but wiped out the cricket. Friday was slightly better, I was able to do some of the tourist things around Nottingham.

I stayed in the small town of Bingham, to the east of Nottingham.

Some pictures of Bingham on a rainy day. Thursday is market day, stalls are set up in Market Square by the ancient Butter Cross. Click the icon to view the pictures.

I was able to take a walk along the Linear Park – a walk that follows the track of a railway that closed in the 1960’s. After a couple of miles it kind of tails off into a jungle of thorns and nettles, requiring a walk across a very muddy field to a farm and thus back to Bingham. By that time it was raining fairly hard again.

Bingham has a railway station in service on the Nottingham to Grantham line. The station is now unstaffed. A short distance away is the old signalbox, with levers still intact. Bingham was once a typical country station, with sidings and facilities for freight. Now it has train about once an hour. All those I took were very busy.

Friday and a trip to Nottingham to see the Castle. The original castle, built in the 11th century and the one imagined in all the films about Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, was destroyed in 1649 after the English Civil War. Nottingham had declared for the King, the Parliamentarians won the war and made sure the castle could not be used again.

Soon afterwards, the Duke of Newcastle built a mansion on the site, the basic structure seen today. He and his descendants used it rarely and by the early 19th century it was slowly falling into ruin. An anti-government riot in 1831, specifically against the then Duke who was opposed to the plans to reform Parliament, resulted in the mansion being looted and burned down. It lay derelict for around 45 years. It was then purchased by the City Council to house an art museum, a function it performs to this day.

The building sits upon Castle Rock, a 130 foot (40 metres) high outcrop with commanding views over the surrounding area.

Some pictures, click the icon

After leaving the well kept grounds, I passed by the Kitty Café, a place for cat lovers certainly. Even the girls working there had those stick on cat ears. Several felines were sitting and laying around, doing not much, as cats tend to do.


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