Trip to Ferragudo 11th May 2017

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I needed a day out, so took the short trip over to Portimão and Ferragudo last Thursday. I have been to Portimão many times and taken a lot of pictures, so none of there. But I have been to Ferragudo only twice before, so decided to take a good look around.

The original fishing vllage is now dominated by a large amount of modern development up on the hill. Some of it is nice, some not, typical ‘urbanisations’ you can see almost anywhere. There are a couple of popular holiday resort complexes. Many people rent apartments and houses. There are two river beaches. A couple of km to the south is a large campsite and an ocean beach, the Praia dos Caneiros.

I have often wondered about the brown building that looks like a church that can be clearly seen from across the river. Now I know what it is!

It’s the Castelo São João de Arade. Originally built in the late 15th century, it was badly damaged in a storm in 1669. It was repaired in 1754 to once again serve as a fort protecting the port of Portimão. Some websites say it is open to the public, however it looked decidedly locked on the day of my visit. Certainly, with walls 5 or 6 metres high you won’t be jumping over into the garden.


It was a wet and windy day, although the worst held off until I was on my way back home. A couple of sample pictures below, the rest are in this album.


Ferragudo is on the River Arade, ‘opposite’ and a 10 – 15 minute bus ride from Portimão. There is also a little railway station called Ferragudo – Parchal about 1km from the village, a nice easy and flat walk. A water taxi connects the village with Praia da Rocha at Portimão Marina, also to the small quay at Portimão museum.


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  1. ooh looks wonderful . . . . an adventure perhaps for when we come back

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