Nasty wet weather in the Algarve today

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Rained hard all morning, stopped for a short while around lunchtime but here’s the view during mid afternoon from the football stadium at Parchal, just across the river from Portimão.

There were several heavy showers including, of course, a particularly heavy one as I was walking back to the railway station after the game. The rain was actually very cold, the kind that comes from very tall clouds. Hailstones were reported near Albufeira.

The game was Japan v Iceland in the Algarve Women’s Cup. Words and pictures about that tomorrow. Japan won easily, by 2-0.

Dark clouds over the Algarve




5 Responses to “Nasty wet weather in the Algarve today”

  1. By the time it got to the east it was even more variable…..brilliant blue skies followed moments later by downpours. Got out twice for walks but only short ones.

    • It was really icy rain yesterday between 4.45 and 5pm while I walked down to the station at Parchal. Hailstones reported around Albufeira. Not very nice today either, bowls match cancelled!

      • Not surprised…..we just made it back from Olhão Saturday market. Only a quarter of the usual stalls and they are struggling in the wind.

      • Apparently there was a fairly heavy fall of hailstones in parts of Albufeira.

      • Yikes . . . . .we since discovered quite a few trees down on the seafront here. And now look at the weather, you’d never know we had had all those storms!

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