Ajax at Ferreiras, Albufeira, 7th January 2017

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Teams from Holland, Germany etc come down to the Algarve for ‘training camps’ during their 3 week winter break. They play ‘friendly’ matches between each other and this year we had a good match up between Ajax and RB Leipzig. Ajax are currently 2nd in the Dutch League, Leipzig are 2nd in the German Bundesliga. It was a pretty good game, full on, at least three players were cautioned and the ref was generally kept busy. Ajax won 5-1, which featured a hat-trick from Younes. The crowd was estimated at 900, including fans from both teams and a good number of locals. It was a nice sunny day. The bar was kept busy as one might expect. Click the box below for some pictures.

There is a six minute video highlights clip at – if you can get it to open! The game was broadacast live on Dutch and Portuguese TV, this is their footage.

That game was preceded by a game between the Ajax ‘B’ team and Excelsior Rotterdam from the Dutch Second Division. A very hesitant show by Ajax, they were more concerned with keeping the ball than doing anything with it. Excelsior were much more powerful on and off the ball. Ajax ‘keeper was Tim Krul . Krul is still officially a Newcastle player but is  on loan to Ajax, who apparently have banished him to the reserves. His cause won’t have been helped by two horrible mistakes, including being lobbed from about 40 metres while wandering about on the edge of his penalty area.

Not a bad day for €7,50 covering both games.


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