Last day of 2016 – updated again

In Albufeira on December 31, 2016 by cubsur51 Tagged: , ,

Horrible scenes in the Cavern on New Year’s Eve and some shots of the firwork display.


I had to go out for a a short while this afternoon so I took the camera with me. Bright sunshine, about 15C, a little windy and the light was very good. In town, final preparations were under way for the big New Year’s Eve event. A few pictures I took.

The rest here :

An eventful year! Thanks to everyone who visits for the many positive comments and feedback. I hope your 2017 will be a good one. For me, the milestone of birthday number 65 will be reached in September and Her Majesty’s Government will be giving me lots of extra money to spend on beer!

The big New Year’s Eve event here in Albufeira attracts tens of thousands for the music and midnight firework show. The weather forecast is good, so depending on the amount of this I get down tonight, I may have some pictures to show tomorrow.


Happy New Year in advance.


2 Responses to “Last day of 2016 – updated again”

  1. Very Happy new year to you too. Thanks for your Blog. I find it very informative and interesting. Have followed you for long time. Love Albufeira and usually get there every September for a week with either my husband or daughter. Our son and daughter in law are also frequent visitors.

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