Afternoon trip to Salgados lagoon

In Albufeira on November 20, 2016 by cubsur51 Tagged: ,

Ages since I’ve been down there so took the bike out last Friday afternoon. The lagoon is quite full and I saw lots of big fish obviously now trapped in there. I will bet the bigger birds are fairly happy!

Sample picture below, the rest at!Am0w7qp9HCpqgq0_TGuuhD5-RKzm1g

There are no captions yet, being added a little later. At the end are a few pictures taken near Albufeira marina on my way back.

PS does anyone know know it takes up to an hour to actually log into WordPress? The site sometimes simply doesn’t respond.


2 Responses to “Afternoon trip to Salgados lagoon”

  1. Tom, I have similar problems with WordPress, and so do some others. I have more problems when accessing via iPad than I do my desktop at home. We are staying in Oura at the moment, weather suddenly cold. Using your timetables to get around the Algarve, as usual an invaluable service e.g. went on a bus/train ride to Tavira and back today. Thank you so much. Cheers for now, Geoff Willis.

    • I only access WordPress via my desktop. Today the first log in took 8 or 9 minutes, the next time 1 minute! If you’re not still here, today it’s grey, windy but 17C.

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