Visit to São Bartolomeu Messines 121116

In Algarve, Portugal on November 15, 2016 by cubsur51 Tagged: ,

Off to the little town of São Bartolomeu Messines for a football match between them and my team, Imortal of Albufeira.

Messines is a neat town of about 8,000 people on the edge of the ‘populated’ zone of the Algarve about 24km north of Albufeira. Beyond there it is very thinly populated. In fact, the population of the town has declined by nearly a third since the 1940’s. Evidence of this is not hard to find, as there are many empty houses in the town and numerous abandoned farms and smallholdings outside. Two large reservoirs nearby in flooded valleys supply water to the region.

It’s quite agricultural up there plus some light industry, a long way removed from the tourist areas barely half an hour’s drive away.

Here are a few pictures I took on that Saturday afternoon, when not a lot goes on!

The least said about the game the better. My team, Imnortal, were beaten 3-0 by Messines, who were bottom of the league, we had a player sent off and our captain scored an own goal.


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