Given up on recent photos!

In Computers and Internet, France on July 30, 2016 by cubsur51

The public wifi where I am staying is so slow and erratic that I have just about given up editing photos. It has taken me over an hour just to caption FOUR of mine stored on line while I was in Bordeaux.

Even this small post took  five attempts and 15 minutes to load!!!

I am not paying 6 cents per Mb using my roaming tariff!

Unless I can find a solution there won’t be much new until I return home on 15th August,


4 Responses to “Given up on recent photos!”

  1. Grrr, that’s so annoying when that happens but I recall from my world travels a decade ago that was the norm.

    • Seems to be OK now but internet in some parts of rural France now is a bit like as it was a decade ago in other parts! It’s not like I am miles from the router either, it’s 15 feet away from where I am sitting!

  2. I hear ya! We spent three weeks in Theoule. I paid AT&T for the International Package which was supposed to allow free access to all sorts of Wee-fee. I ended up going to McDonald’s to use it. Had to wait till I got home to post pics. I feel your angst!

    • Looking better now fingers crossed. Might have been a temporary glitch but out here in the wilds it is like 10 years ago where I once lived. I am sitting in a bar, as one should, beer in one hand and clattering keyboard madly with the other while the going is good!

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